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Diamond has been used for different purposes over the years, among its major uses is for decorative purpose. Its attributes, such as the hardness and its high light dispersion, make it desirable to be a piece of jewelry. They are usually graded according to the cut, clarity, color, and carat. These variables give the diamond its value. Diamonds are used to make rings of different kinds like the engagement ring, wedding ring, and more. Diamond is also strong; therefore, it’s used to drill. Kimberley mines in South Africa was the first site for large scale diamond mining. The Eureka Diamond was named after the first diamonds found in 1866 on the Orange River banks. Most diamond gemstones are traded in the wholesale market-based on a single value of the four Cs. Physical characteristics such as fluorescence, the diamond’s source, and the gemological institute that evaluated the diamond affect its value. A Diamond’s cleanliness affects its beauty; hence the cleaner the diamond, the more beautiful it is and vice versa. The technological advancements have seen a rapid increase in online diamond sales. It has enabled businesses to establish online markets and sell their goods. It has also brought greater transparency to an industry that has been opaque and, to an extent, manipulative.

About Great Heights

Great Height is a company that sells lab-grown diamond products that are of good quality similar to the mined ones. They grow their diamonds using a similar growth process of the natural diamonds. The diamonds have the same molecular structure. The company aims at providing the same diamond quality, irrespective of the user’s choice of stone. They ensure that their diamond has passed the inspection, optimizing for cut, color, and clarity, ensuring that each piece is certified and meets their minimum quality standard. The company also has affiliate programs for any business that is interested in selling their products. They also publicly offer research on this field. This research consists of all knowledge gathered for more than 100 years in the diamond industry. They also allow their members and customers to schedule meetings for inquiry or further clarification regarding the product.

Products and Services of Great Heights

Great Heights sells custom made lab-grown diamond products. These lab-grown diamonds are free from ethical harm and follow the universal standard for quality diamonds. The users can choose their products by specifying the cut, color, and clarity. They also have a guide me a tool that helps customers to choose from the infinite styles to design their dream rings. The site also uses a CGI technology that helps customers have a 360-degrees view of the customization process and simulates what they would see in the stores; this enables customers to have a wonderful user experience. They sell rings, earrings, and diamonds. They also have educational guides.

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