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A smile is the best accessory a person can wear. It makes a lot of difference with how a person works or talk. It makes things lighter and it can brighten the day of the person who receives it. Service with a smile makes a whole lot of difference. Most front desk officers are hired because of their beautiful smile.

Smiling makes people look younger, lovelier and more approachable. Beautiful teeth and lips can create a powerful and lovely smile. To some people, having a perfect smile is very important. A large amount of money is even spent on cosmetic dental treatment. Others sacrifice a long time to fix and align their teeth through braces not to mention the cost of it. To prevent these high costs of dental treatments Instasmile was established.

About Instasmile 
Instasmile helps improve the smile through cover gaps, hide stained, chipped or crooked teeth or simply whiten your smile. The chance they give customers to smile again is overwhelming, and changing people’s lives & improving their confidence. It is like a smile makeover without the expensive cost of cosmetic surgery or the pain of having braces.  The unique patent-pending technology gives you the option to have a smile transformation to hide teeth imperfections without visiting the dentist.

Instasmile clip-on veneers are a convenient and comfortable choice to improve your smile. Carefully crafted to match your dental profile, they are designed to easily clip on over your natural teeth, with no need for adhesives. The company is focused on a customer-first approach and they make sure that its team has been creating a more affordable alternative to traditional veneers.

Product and Services of Instasmile
Instasmile offers slimline and natural-looking custom-made veneers to fit your teeth, so they’re easy to put on and comfortable, leaving you smiling all day. It is a custom made veneers, beautifully hand finished for natural aesthetics. There is no surgical procedure or anaesthetic required, no shaving of enamel, and no permanent change to your natural teeth. Clients have to take their own impressions at home with easy to use self-impression video guide. No visits to the dentist needed. Standard production takes around three weeks from the time the suitable impression was received.

Instasmile offer payment plans in order to make the product more financially accessible to the wider population, so that every single person should have the confidence to smile if the clients need help the customer experience team are on hand to help.

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