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Jacob Bromwell

Luxury flasks and homeware is considered to be something of timeless luxury as it is seen to have been used since the early 1800s; however, over the years, the quality thereof has deteriorated, and finding such products made of good quality materials can be hard to find. Thus, using a review platform can prove extremely beneficial as you can gain insight into where people prefer purchasing their high-quality luxury flasks and homeware.

About Jacob Bromwell

Coming to life in 1819 by its namesake, Jacob Bromwell has become a luxury designer label manufacturing nostalgic homeware items and iconic drinking flasks. Being in existence for 203 years, Jacob Bromwell has many years of experience and expertise, allowing the brand to provide customers exactly what they are looking for while still staying true to the brand identity and manufacturing their products with tin, stainless steel, and copper. Jacob Bromwell is an integral part of the USA’s history as they have been around for two centuries, having manufactured the iconic Copper Cup, which was popularly used during the Civil War. Additionally, Jacob Bromwell is the mastermind behind the Original Popcorn Popper which has shot them to success.

Products and Services offered by Jacob Bromwell

With Jacob Bromwell being a luxury homeware and flask retailer, they have a wide range of nostalgic homeware products and different variations of flasks for you to choose from. The range of nostalgic homeware products sold by Jacob Bromwell is the original popcorn maker, copper cups, flour sifters, tin cups, and graters among many other products. Additionally, Jacob Bromwell sells accessories for their range of flasks, such as funnels, boxes, and sleeves. No matter your aesthetic, Jacob Bromwell's products will always be on-trend due to the timelessness of their products. Furthermore, Jacob Bromwell’s iconic flasks are commonly used as gifts, whether it be to a father or husband or a gift for your groomsmen, a Jacob Bromwell flask is always a good pick.

Additional Services of Jacob Bromwell

In addition to the high-quality products stocked by Jacob Bromwell, they also offer custom engraving on all their products at an additional flat rate of $150. Furthermore, Jacob Bromwell offers all its US customers free shipping regardless of how much was spent, and international customers are eligible for free shipping on orders of $200 or more. Jacob Bromwell also offers its customers a payment plan with Affirm in which customers can make three interest-free monthly payments if they cannot pay for their products upfront. Furthermore, should you require to make contact with the Jacob Bromwell team, you can do so via the email address provided. Email: concierge@jacobbromwell.com

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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