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Hair fall

is a problem faced by males and females around the world. However, it is more common in males. The reason behind this problem is manifold. Sometimes baldness is triggered at early ages in youngsters. Most of the time it activates in the middle ages. Baldness is a problem that kills the confidence and looks of a person. There are two types of baldness, one is faced because of lack of protein that occurs when people don't care for their hair and apply chemicals in form of gel and other styling products. The second type of baldness is inherited and it occurs when a person reaches middle age and genetically hair fall starts.

For both types of baldness, there are many treatments around the world. Dermatologists and skin specialists ask their patients to use specific sprays and medicines if there is still hope and a sufficient amount of hair left on their scalp. However, when there are not sufficient hair left on the scalp of the individual, doctors ask them to undergo hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant surgeries are also of two types. One is an old technique that uses the skin patch where the hair is in abundance and transplanted to the balled area. The other method has newly been developed and it is known as an FUE technique. In this technique, hair with healthy growing capacity is removed from the scalp and inserted in the bald area.

Both techniques are painful. They require a lot of care and time after the surgeries are executed. The Kiierr is a company manufacturing P-Cap with laser emitting lights to improve hair growth and stops baldness in males. This cap covers the bald scalp or area with hair fall and triggers the scalp to increase the protein levels and dead pore to regrow hair.

About the Kiierr

The Kiierr is an American company that is manufacturing a new technique used to help males facing hair fall problems. The product is a P-Cap that consists of Laser LED lights. Lights project laser into the scalp and help in regrowing the hair fibre. The product is developed with the concept of light that emits from the cap and stimulates the scalp to regrow hair and stop the hair fall. There are two different Caps available with several laser diodes. These diodes are fixed inside the cap and provide photo biotherapy to the scalp. This therapy helps in the natural growth of hair within a period of 6 to 7 months. The product is FDA approved and is available on their website with a warranty and a hair growing guarantee.

Products and services of the Kiierr

There are two different caps with different specifications offered by Kiierr. The cap consists of 148 diodes and 272 diodes. A bundle of 148 diodes cap with DHT blocking shampoo, hair growth conditioner and DHT blocking vitamins is also available. Similarly, the 272 diode cap is also available with the bundle option. You can also buy the laser cap alone as well as the hair growth products and dermal restorative hair growth cream from their online shop. The blocking vitamin and blocking shampoo are also available separately on their website. Our online shop category consists of customer reviews and feedback of customers that have experience of using the cap and other hair growing products manufactured by Kiierr. Do you have this problem? You can read these reviews and feedbacks to increase your knowledge about the products and services offered by Kiierr.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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