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Kind Juice


Smoking is an old habit found in men and women. It started when tobacco was first rolled in the form of a cigar. At present, there are different forms of smoking like the cigarette, pipe, shisha and electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes. The e-cigarettes are also known as Vape. They are filled with e-liquids extracts from tobacco and artificial flavours added to the Vape oil. The Vape market has now gained significant growth. They are showcased in trade shows and seminars. Vape shows are also organised where people are gathered to enjoy different types of flavours. There are Vape shops around the world and the only product line they sell is Vap and the oils of different flavours. A normal Vape shop in the USA has around $25,000 monthly turnover. As these vape oils are also a source of nicotine, some companies have started zero nicotine oils production to avoid the hazards related to nicotine. Kind Juice is an online retailer that is producing zero nicotine oil which they call the “Kind Oil”. Our website has customer reviews and feedbacks of people who have bought from and have experience of smoking in their e-cigarettes. If you are a vape smoker, this information could let you make decisions regarding the oil you smoke in future.

About the Kind Juice
The Kind Juice is an online Vape oil shop, operating from Florida, the United States of America. The company was formed with a motive to change the smoking habits of friends, family and nearby community, but now they are shipping in the whole country. Kind Juice has developed various flavours and is also interacting with the website visitors to guide them to the right hardware to smoke natural vape oils. Their Vape oils are made of three ingredients, the Max VG, real flavours extracted from nectar, and non-GMO botanical extracts. The process of production also involves natural evaporation that vaporizes the alcohol content present in the natural nectars to avoid mixing alcohol in the final product.

Products and services offered by the Kind Juice
Kind Juice has developed various flavours of natural vape oils. These oils include blueberry, peach, mint, custard, cocktails of various fruits, menthol drops, special evolution, special blue moon plus CBD and special sunset + CBD flavours in a 60ml bottle. The oils are gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free. The recommended voltage at which these oils are to be burnt is 3.6 to 4.6 volts or 10 to 27 Watts.

Their website also tells about which hardware is to be used while smoking their natural oils. The hardware should have a glass tank, a special tip, a recommended tip size and specific material that should be used in the vent. The gauge should indicate the oil usage. A digital screen vape is possibly recommended that adjusts all the levels to take the maximum out of the natural zero nicotine oil they are producing.

Compliments, complaints and tips for the Kind Juice always look for customer reviews, ratings and comments to make sure that the products meet the customers' requirements. Their website consists of real reviews from existing customers. Are you an existing customer and have experience of smoking flavours of the Kind Juice? If so, you can also share your voice on Your advice could make others decide from where to buy their next flavour for smoking.