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It may be hard to find a reliable company that sells quality outdoor clothing and accessories online. Although there are numerous brands online, finding one that will deliver the products on time, and offer quality products and discounts may be difficult. But there is a way to find out if a company you want to buy from meets all these requirements, and it is by reading online customer reviews. Take each critic of that brand seriously to see the positives and downsides of the brand.

About KÜHL

KÜHL is a privately owned company with more than 30 years of providing men's and women's outdoor clothing and accessories. It originally began with the name "Alfwear" in 1983 before the name KÜHL was trademarked in 1994. The change of name of this company was done at the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show.

According to the brand, the company was "born in the mountains" and tries to cater to its customers' outdoor clothing and equipment needs. This American company's headquarters and distribution center is located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Products And Services Of KÜHL

This brand offers products from rugged workwear to lightweight hiking clothing for both men and women. KÜHL's clothing products are arranged according to gender (men and women), and they have a discovery category where customers can check out new items that the brand has. In the men's section, it is arranged by collections, pants, short sleeves, shorts, sun-protective shirts, long sleeves, KÜHL's men's jacket, traveling shorts, hiking pants, men's windbreakers, hoodies, swim shorts, and other accessories (hats, bags, underwear, and many more).

The female category on the website is arranged according to pants, women's hiking pants, dresses, shirts, women's athletic shorts, casual shorts, KÜHL's women's jackets, and other clothing accessories. Customers can use the Discover section to find gift cards they can use when buying KÜHL shorts and other products, use the brand locator, and other functions.

Additional Services Of KÜHL

The brand also has an affiliate program where customers who refer others to buy products such as KÜHL pants can be rewarded with commissions. There is also an email newsletter for customers to get updates on new products and price discounts. There is no guarantee for the particular day a product ordered will arrive, but for those in the US, it takes about 1 to 2 business days to ship their products.

The shipping duration depends on the country you reside in (for international customers). KÜHL also has a returns policy that allows its customers to return a product they are not satisfied with within 45 days of purchase. To contact the brand:

Email: customerservice@kuhl.com
Phone number: 1-888-218-3181
Instagram: @kuhl

Compliments, Complaints, And Tips For KÜHL

Have you made use of KÜHL's clothing or any of its products in the past? If yes, can you please give a detailed explanation of the experience you had with them? When you received the product you ordered, can you describe the condition you found it in? How was their customer service? Did they reply immediately or after many days when you contacted them? Go ahead and leave your experience and feedback on our platform to let other interested customers know if KÜHL has a solution to their needs.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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