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In the world of portable electronic devices, Updating software and hardware is one of the few ways any company can remain in business. Technocrats are always looking for new features to make their work time hassle-free. It is the responsibility of companies to come up with ideas that will improve their current product in the market. Most times, new devices are expensive for ordinary people to afford. There is also a constant need for those who can afford the devices to change them whenever a new product is available. This and more led to the existence of a second-hand market for computer devices. ReviewsBird is a platform where customer reviews from numerous companies across different niches are accessed. These reviews feature customer experience and feedback alongside an estimated rating for every company.

About MacBack

MacBack is the brand name for Intelligent Storage Solutions (ISS) limited, a computer repair service company founded in 2002, located in unit 18 Maesglas Industrial estate, Newport, Wales. Macback is an online store that resells apple products and inspects the devices in their care to ensure they meet the necessary specs. They also wipe out all information about the previous owner and restore the gadget to its factory settings before the sale. For more information on their services, contact them via email at or call 0800 006 2626.

Services of MacBack

MacBack acts as a middle man between owners of iPad, MacBooks, and the likes that want to sell them and individuals interested in purchasing a second-hand device. Macback also resells mac mini, apple watches, and so on. They have special offers for students who want to trade their unwanted Apple Mac for extra cash. Fill in the quote system on their website to know the worth of your device. You can obtain macback promo codes to access discounts and a better deal with them. Payments for items are made with PayPal or through bank transfer. Their service also includes the pick up of devices from their present owner and a guaranteed return in case of any disagreement, mistakes made during input of specification may warrant a change of agreement.

Their website runs a blog that enlightens customers on the latest products from Apple, features such as the screen size of these devices, the best device to use for a specific purpose, and what to expect from them. Tips to enhance customer experience with Apple products and updates to Mac operating system (OS) are part of the topics covered by their blog.

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If you have ever traded with macback, why not write a review with an overview of your experience with them. Your input will assist people asking the obvious question 'is macback legit?' get a direct answer and help them decide if they want to strike a deal with the webshop. Your review should include both the positive and negative aspects of their website as it will help the service provider know the parts of their website they should improve to maximize consumer satisfaction.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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