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A respirator refers to a device that prevents the wearer from inhaling materials that are hazardous in the atmosphere including vapours, fumes and particles of matter such as dust and of lately have been used to prevent the inhalation of airborne micro-organisms such as the Covid-19 virus. There exist two significant categories of respirators, the air supplier respirator and the air-purifying respirator. As far as the air-purifying respirator is concerned, it obtains respirable air through filtering the polluted atmosphere. In contrast, the air supplied respirator is used to offers an alternative supply of breathable air. Each type of respirator uses various techniques to eliminate or reduce noxious airborne contaminants. There are a variety of air-purifying respirators ranging from single-use, a disposable face mask to models that are more reusable often having replaceable cartridges. Respirators are used in a broad range of industries including pharmaceuticals and healthcare, which has been the central area of use recently.

About Masksup

Masksup is a company that specializes in making new fashionable standard masks alternatives. The company was founded as a result of increasing threats in the atmosphere. As lifestyles are adapting to these threats, it is becoming inevitable to have proper prevention in our daily lives. Preventive mask is one of the most important safety protocols that one must-have. While the significant role that a mask should play is offering a high level of personal prevention, Masksup believes that maintaining a unique style in a mask is also of great importance. With an assortment of modern masks that are designed mainly to serve practical uses, Masksup ensures that its design is well suited to provide an active lifestyle. The masks are made using materials that are friendly to the environments and production processes that ensure the minimum negative impact on the environments. They are specifically made using natural latex and don not contain formaldehyde, ensuring they have a high level of quality that will make them last longer.

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Masksup assures its clients that its masks are safe. The masks have been tested and certified at the FFP2 level, which indicates they can offer an over 95% protection against particles that are as small as 0.1 microns. The company is also dedicated to ensuring it offers clients a great experience. It has a clear privacy policy and does not share any client information with any third party. Instead, the information is used to make a client’s experience better.

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