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Max Bone

Pets have been an integral part of innumerable households across the globe. As the number of pets per household increases, the need for pet care products and services, such as food, shelter, and medicine, becomes in demand.

Dogs comprised a chunk of the pet care industry. Partly because of the reason that dogs are universally known as “man’s best friend.” Owners treat them as such, and it is not uncommon for owners to also provide pet wear essentials to ensure their dogs’ comfort and style. Like so, pet wear, the production of clothes and accessories for pets, is an indispensable part of pet care. It shows that having proper pet care is equivalent to being a responsible pet owner.

About Max Bone

Max Bone is a luxury brand offering pet wear for dogs. Founded in 2016 by Parisa Fowles-Pazdro, claimed as the first branded pet label which targets dogs. Max Bone provides customers with a product line for existing pet care needs and different dog sizes. Their tagline is “Reimagining the pet care industry.” It has an online blog with topics and features on pet care, lifestyle, food, and health.

The company focuses on practicality, premium quality, and partnership with brands. It includes working with manufacturers and brands across the globe. Some of the collaborations were with Away, Disney, illesteva, and Christian Cowan.

Products are available at their physical stores, pop-up stores, and showrooms where customers may walk in. One may also access their products through their retail partners. Max Bone offers product shipping globally through couriers. In addition, reward coins are awarded to customers when they have accomplished tasks. For instance, signing up at their website may grant customers rewards.

Products and Services of Max Bone

Max Bone offers products under different categories. Under the category of “Food,” Max Bone offers meals, supplements, treats, and bowls. Each food consisted of a variety of flavors and prepared with ingredients safe for dog consumption. The ingredients are stated in the packaging as well.

In the “Supplies” category, it has dog pet wear. Max Bone has products that may fit every dog. Max-bone sells raincoats, jumpers, vests, coats, jackets, and balaclavas for dog wear. Additionally, it has available carrier bags, beds, loungers, car seats, leash, collar, harness, and toys.

Lastly, under the “Wellness” category, Max Bone has tearless shampoo, antiseptic wipes, cleansing wipes, and body spray for dog hygiene. A ‘special treat’ is available as well to possibly help keep dogs calm.

Max-bone offers a personalization service wherein a customer may choose up to nine (9) letters to be written and stitched to the garment. Digital gift cards are available.

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