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Are you looking for the right online store to provide you with all kinds of quality jewelry, from necklaces to wedding rings? Hundreds of online stores offer this service, but the problem is determining the right brand that won't sell substandard earrings or necklaces to you. How do you know if the gold ring they sell is made of real gold or is just a counterfeit? Customer reviews of these brands online are a reliable way that people buying jewelry from a brand will know the quality of their products and how they operate.

About Mister

Mister is an online store where customers can get fashion jewelry such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings for both men and women. This is not a store where customers have to be wholesalers or buy in bulk as they use a direct shopping model.

The rings and necklaces sold in this store are not of one design; rather, customers have the choice of different types and patterns of jewelry. Apart from the jewelry this brand sells, they also have a dedicated personnel team that helps customers make their choice on the wide array of jewelry.

Products And Services Of Mister

The major products that this company sells are earrings, rings, +14kt gold, bracelets, necklaces, and gold vermeil. Mister earrings are of different types, including those for pierced ears and those for non-pierced ears. Their pierced earrings are of different colors, some of which are Sai earrings, pearl earrings, feather earrings, and many others.

Their non-pierced earrings contain clips and are of different sizes and colors. Mister bracelets include beaded-type, metal links, and stone setting types. There is a customization section where customers can build necklaces, pendants, and charms from scratch.

Products that are customized might have a huge price difference from the one that is sold at the regular store. Chains, sets, and pendants are found in the Mister necklace section. Other pieces of jewelry that this brand offers include rings, 14kt gold, and 925 silver.

Additional Services Of Mister

They also have a collection where customers can get designer chains, rings, and necklaces such as Naruto™, Star Wars™, Playboy™, and many others. Customers receive giveaways, once-in-a-lifetime deals, and special offers when they subscribe to their email newsletter.

Depending on the location you are residing at, the shipping of products might take from 2 to 3 business days. For those who want customized jewelry, shipping this type of jewelry might take up to 5 business days.

To return an unwanted item, it must be unworn and must be returned within 14 days of receipt. Payment methods that Mister accepts include Google Pay, Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, and many more.

Compliments, Complaints, And Tips For Mister

Have you gotten customized or regular jewelry from Mister in the past? If yes, can you give a review that describes your experience with this organization? When you ordered their gold earrings, was it of good quality? Did a little pressure on their chain lead to it cutting into pieces? Did you come across any Mister customer reviews? Please drop your experience and feedback on our platform to serve as a guide to customers interested in buying from this brand.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

Read independent reviews, complaints and experiences here. Be aware of where to make your purchase or rate a shop where you have made an (online) purchase yourself. This way everybody decides for themselves which shops are bad and good!

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