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Almost every single person is beauty conscious. They just express or feel differently. Some are conscious for their hair, other are conscious for their skin. Sometimes people get conscious about their hand and finger nails too. So, it depends on them. For this, people try different hacks and beauty products to hide their complexity. Among different types of skin issues, most common problem occurs on face. Acne, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, freckles, dark circles, melasma and so on. For hide these things, people specially ladies wear a lot of makeup and beauty products. In result of those products skin gets more worse. The product remains unclean on the face and stay even after wiping through makeup cleansers which end up on acne breakouts and skin allergies.

This is why, there is a product in the market OPTE, that believes to skip makeup products just to hide spots and scars of the skin.

About Opte

The man behind the idea of launch of Opte was Thomas Rabe. It was observed and generated 12 years ago at the labs of Procter & Gamble. It was noticed that women had to wear full makeup just to hide tiny spots or freckles on their faces. So, they created a product which fades the spots through its mechanism.

Product and Services of Opte


is a device that is created to cover the tiny spots, pigmentation and freckles. It was made by the struggle of 13 patents, 500,000 work hours of engineers and scientists.

How does it work?


is a skin care technology that soften the blemishes. It is a kind of 3D painting to the skin as it smoothens the pigment in the color of the rest of the skin. It works as when a person put the device on the affected area, the device scans it. The device has innate camera which captures over 200 pictures every second of that area and scans the skin with the blue light. It with target the area with is darker than the original skin. While regulating on the skin the device makes clicking sounds. By this procedure, the device wand identifies the dark spot areas then it deposits microscopic droplets of tinted serum via an inkjet printer that disappears the spots. Opte basically camouflage the hyperpigmentation and dark sports on the skin.

The person who has applied it will feel like she/he has worn foundation. The serum has three tones; Deep, Medium and Fair with the combination of skincare ingredients in it. Also, the device has charging port with it, which takes 10 minutes to charge right before use. The brand provides accessories and refill services for the device.

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