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With the advent of the PCR test to amplify DNA in the laboratory setting, advances in DNA sequencing technology have been astoundingly quick.

Only a few decades or so ago, sequencing DNA samples, was still time and person intensive work, and the Human Genome Project achieved a complete sequence of human DNA through a gargantuan effort involving thousands of people and millions of man hours. This was just the start however, and even as this project came to an end, new sequencing technologies were in the horizon which held the promise of much faster and easier ways to come up with whole genome sequences.

Well, of course, that happened, and today DNA sequencing is a technology that has gone mainstream. You can have your DNA analyzed in the lab and gain insights into your own ancestry and possible health outcomes as a result. It is now becoming popular among the health conscious to tailor lifestyle, exercise and eating habits to their DNA profile. Interesting as this sounds, you should always go about obtaining and interpreting results such as these with caution. You may want to check online for reviews of the company you eventually use to ensure that they fulfill your requirements.

About Orig3n
Orig3n are a company that offer DNA testing technology to the general public. They aim to offer practical solutions for you so that you can make lifestyle choices based on what may be best for you and your heritage. The aim is to help you to understand more about your body so that you can lead a healthier and hopefully happier lifestyle. Orig3n aim to be able to deliver information on your particular genetic traits and what sets you apart from other people.

Products And Services of Orig3n
Orig3n offer DNA screening services. The service allows you to order a test kit online. When you receive the kit, you can take a swab and send it back to their lab for analysis. Once the analysis is complete, you can order one or more of several analysis products that are available.

For instance, you can find out what vitamins and minerals you may need to take more of to stay healthy. You can also find out which genes you have that may predispose you to a variety of conditions and aptitudes. As well as the range of DNA tests, the company also sell the very vitamins and minerals that you may need. Once they have your DNA, you can then order new tests from the app whenever you want. There is no need for you to order a new test kit and be swabbed again. You should check the website for the company’s privacy policy.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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