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A hearing aid is a device that is made in such a way to improve hearing as well as to make sound clear to an individual with hearing loss. Most countries categorize hearing aids as medical devices and have laws to regulate how they are used. Small amplifiers, for example, PSAPs or other systems for reinforcing sound, cannot be sold as hearing aids. Early hearing devices such as ear horns and ear trumpets were passive amplification cones made such that they collected sound energy and directed it into the ear canal. Contemporary devices are computerized electroacoustic systems which transform noise in the environment to make it audible and follow cognitive and audiometric rules.Various technologies are used to make hearing aids. The initial hearing aids were introduced in 1896 and utilized the carbon microphone of the telephone. Amplification was made possible by the vacuum tube. The initial hearing aids versions were too heavy for mobility; portable models were achieved through the miniaturization of vacuum tubes. In 1948, the transistor's invention made it possible to incorporate it into the hearing aid due to its small size and low power consumption. Hearing aids were some of the devices that were early adopters of transistors. Capabilities of hearing aids were improved with the development of integrated circuits, with programming and digital signal processing playing a very significant role. Various types of hearing aids exist, all varying in size and power consumption. This includes body-worn aids, which were the initial portable electronic aids. Another type is the behind the ear hearing aids, which has a case that hangs behind the pinna, with the case being attached to a dome or earmold. The third type is in the ear devices, which are positioned in the outer ear bowl. These are bigger and havea variety of features.

About Otofonix
Otofonix is a family operated and owned company that specializes in offering hearing solutions. The company was founded by a retired board-certified Otolaryngologist who had for over two decades practiced medicine. He had a great experience in the area as, during his practice, he had treated many patients with hearing losses.

Products and services of Otofonix
Otofonix offers products that help its client's hearing needs. One of the company's products is the Otofonox elite. This device has been in the market for about four years and uses quality state of the art digital processing technology. The amplifier is pocket friendly and costs about $250 per ear. Just like the company's other products, the Otofonox elite is quite simple to use.

Compliments, complaints, and tips for Otofonix
Otofonix is dedicated to ensuring clients are satisfied. It has ready to help support. It offers both email and phone support. For phone support, they are available between 9 to 5 Eastern Time. One can also get in touch with them through the chat on their site. A user friendly and helpful booklet also accompanies the device to guide the user. If you have used their products, leave a review on ReviewsBird.com.