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Imagine a life without stationary! Yes, it would be too hard, especially for kids, art lovers, and office workers. Even though the technology has replaced most the stationary items but still, they are necessary items. Have you ever gone for a job interview without a printout of resume in an envelope or file? I hope your answer would be a big no. It is because that is part of the formality even if you’ve already e-mailed the resume. Similarly, kids love to draw on sketch pads and different types of colored paper. I guess, no artist would be able to breathe without markers, water, and pastel colors, crayons, drawing and colored pencils, and most importantly the papers and the canvas. Hard boards, cardboard, envelop either small or large ones, loose papers, notebooks, colorful sheets, and A4-sized computer papers are some of the types of papers that are used almost everywhere.



was founded in 1994 in Portage, Indiana. The company works for retailing and supplying different types of papers. They work for fine papers and envelopes. Also, in the range of papers, there are collections of colored paper in different materials. The store also supplies the papers in bulk to the dealers and customers.

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is a retailer and supplier of papers in a variety of materials and forms. The company also supplies papers in bulk to retailers. At the PaperPapers store, there are different branded papers, shipping boxes, tapes, and alike available such as; 2pBasics, Arturo, Astrobrights, Crush, Husky, Royal Sundance, and so on. There is also an option for choosing the paper by its size, thinness, and thickness, flat and folded cards, and by its type. Type of paper includes Black Paper, Bright Paper, Cardstock Paper, Cotton Paper, Deckled Edge Paper, Fiber Paper, Linen Paper Metallic Paper, Parchment Paper, etc. Moreover, PaperPapers also offers different types of envelopes.

Along with different-sized envelopes, there are also variations available according to purposes; Commercial, Mini, Shipping, Baronial and Specialty envelopes. Also, the company deals with blank white sticker labels that can be used for domestic and commercial purposes. Further, there are different color options at the PaperPapers store. The buyer can pick the material of their choice along with the required colors like Blacks, Corals, Blues, Browns, Greens, gold, and other colors. Even translucent is also available. Furthermore, there are DIY projects and Try-Me Packs also available on PaperPapers online store.

The services of PaperPapers include cutting small sheets, free gift boxes, oversized shipments, and free blind shipment requests. Other than this, PaperPapers also provide Return Policy within 14 days of delivery.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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