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Pelvic Clock

Life nowadays is all about sitting in front of screens. Be it for work from home or playing games, everyone spends most of their day sitting. Too much screen time and our current lifestyle can lead to poor posture, causing chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain. In addition, no one really takes interest in healthy living because it is never thought of as fun. All this is cause biomechanical imbalance and postural disparity in our body. Chronic pain in the hips and lower back is often caused by this imbalance - source. In our day-to-day lives, at least half of our core muscles remain unused, while the other half are stiff from overexertiondue to poor posture, lengthened sitting, or repetitious asymmetrical movements with improper alignment of the hip joints, pelvis, and spine. In this order, the need is to use a support or aid that saves us from all the adverse effects of our lifestyles. Pelvic Clock is exactly what you need. It is a portable stretching aid device for chronic hip and lower back pain relief. It not only heals your pain but also prevents your spine to get damaged. 

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About Pelvic Clock
Pelvic Clock is a store sells lightweight and durable, an exercise device that is manufactured in the USA.
They teach you how to restore muscle balance with the help of the Pelvic Clock, a portable exercise device created by a former Olympic coach. It is produced by the test and trial and research for the most effective production. Her journey to inventing the Pelvic Clock Device started in her native Siberia, where Yana’s parents were coaching elite athletes for the Soviet Union. Following family tradition, she received her Master's in Exercise Science and coached the Soviet Army Rhythmic Gymnastics Team. 

Product and Services of Pelvic Clock
Their product provides the perfect needed STRETCH to increase the flexibility of the lumbar spine and improve hip mobility. It STRENGTHENs the dormant core muscles to increase core stability. Stabilize sacroiliac (SI) joints and the lumbar spine. It is perfectly made to REALIGN the uneven hips, a rotated or tilted pelvis, or a curved lumbar spine by RELEASE tight hip flexors and a tight piriformis muscle. RELIEVE chronic hip pain.

You can also benefit from the Pelvic Clock Exercise Device if you practice any sport that leads to muscle imbalance, like weightlifting, running, tennis, badminton, and football, etc. They also give you a completely online professional training course for your aid to stay fit without supplements. All Pelvic Clock exercises are easy to learn, but it takes time, practice, and precision to master them and receive the full benefits.

Pelvic Clock comes with a complete warning note that must be followed for the prolonged results. You can work with them as well on a 10% commission via affiliate marketing.

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