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Infant clothing has an interesting history. There are various reasons why the history of clothing isn't much documented, especially in the early times. One of the main reasons is the fact that baby clothes were just life's natural part and not something that drew much attention to be documented. Other reasons include the fact that baby clothes were not eye-catching and colorful. The clothes were white traditionally and thus could be easily bleached. The 17th-century babies were wrapped in clothes tightly and their arms and legs would stay straight. It was said that if the limbs of babies could bend, they would physically deform. The wrapping was done right from the head through their entire body, ensuring they were straight and still. Some of the evidence that shows swaddled babies include Japan Steen's paintings. Where celebrating the baby's birth, the child is held at an awkward angle and is firmly wrapped such that the head does not require to be supported physically.

About Pickybunnny

Pickybunnny is a company that strives to ensure that it makes girls feel and look good. It has a team of experts who do thorough research on each item, ensuring they deliver quality. The company specializes in unique clothing selections that are soft and well sewn. The company's main mission is to ensure that busy dads and mums have an easy process while shopping. It ensures that it sells some of the best variety of clothes in the market. Each of the product that the company offers is approved for kids. Pickybunnny ensures that its clothes are comfortable and well designed. Pickybunnny clothing items are always rated for softness and have 3 major categories 1 for soft, 2 for super soft, and 3 for heavenly soft. Pickybunnny believes in giving back to the community, and it donates five percent of its profits to the united stated humane society.

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Irrespective of your child's clothing needs, Pickybunnny offers them a clothing solution. The company has a colorful site that has arranged the products in categories that are easy to sort. For clients who love exploring new clothes, there is the newly arrived section. If you search for a brand that you know, the site makes the work easy and has sorted its brands in alphabetical order. It is thus easy to locate an item. The company also has client support that is ready to answer any question a client may have.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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