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Princess Polly

The fashion industry is driven by fashion trends which many people try and follow as much as possible; however, many online stores are stocking such clothing items but finding items of good quality can be quite challenging due to such an influx of stores. Therefore, using a review platform can aid you in finding stores with good quality products by reading reviews made by peers who made purchases from various online stores.

About Princess Polly

Princess Polly first came onto the fashion scene in 2010 when it was realized that good quality on-trend fashion was hard to find in Australia. Starting in an apartment along the Gold Coast of Australia, Princess Polly now has its headquarters in Burleigh Heads, Queensland, and West Hollywood, California, with a continuously growing team of over 300 members to date. Princess Polly's mission is to be an on-trend sustainable fashion brand with women empowerment at its forefront. Currently, Princess Polly has packaging made from 100% recycled materials and is fully recyclable at the same time. Additionally, Princess Polly strives to be carbon neutral by the year 2030. Furthermore, 20% of Princess Polly's fashion products are sustainably made and ethically sourced.

Products and Services offered by Princess Polly

With Princess Polly being an on-trend fashion brand, the team at work is constantly trying to keep up with the latest trends. Therefore, Princess Polly stocks on-trend items such as dresses, mini skirts, swimsuits, jeans, corset tops, shorts, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and bags, among many other things. Princess Polly also has various brands and influencer collaborations available for you to shop from. What sets Princess Polly apart is that they offer curved ranges for those who don't fit the stereotypical model body standard. Furthermore, Princess Polly also provides customers to shop for specific occasions with items suited for said occasions.

Additional Services of Princess Polly

In addition to the products stocked by Princess Polly, they offer free shipping for orders over 60 AUD and a 7.95 AUD shipping fee on orders under 60 AUD; if orders are placed before 10 am, you are guaranteed to receive your order on the same day if you are in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Sunshine Coast area, however, if you place your order after 10 am or over a weekend you will receive your order the next working day. Furthermore, Princess Polly also offers an affiliate program in which you are eligible to receive a commission on referrals and access to exclusive affiliate promotions. Should you require to make contact with Princess Polly customer support, you can do so with the information below.



+61 7 5610 2516

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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