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Rad Power Bikes


Bicycle's history began many years ago. The first inventions are different from the current ones. An Italian engineer known as Giovani Fontana was among the first people to construct a human-powered device with four wheels and a loop of ropes connected by a gear in 1418. In 1817, Drais built a two-wheeled vehicle which became famous in Europe, especially during the period when Mount Tambora, in Indonesia and affected the global temperatures. His bicycle had two wooden wheels that were attached to a wooden frame. A leather saddle was nailed on edge, allowing the rider to sit. It had no gears or pedals, and the riders pushed the device forward using their feet. They also had handlebars. Since then, a lot of improvements have occurred. The wood parts were replaced with rubber wheels and metallic frames. There are also gears, pedals, horns, lights, and brakes. Bikes are prevalent in almost every country in the world. They come in different sizes and specifications. Apart from being a means of transport, they are also used in sporting events, among other places. Other countries use these bikes as the only form for navigating in towns and cities. There are also electric bikes which have been around for years now. They are electrically powered and requires less effort to use.

About Rad Power Bikes
Rad Power Bikes is a company that builds and sells e-bikes. The company began as a solution for the founder, Mike Rodenbaugh, in 2007. He created an e-bike solution to help him commute to and from school. Having had a great success and obsession with e-bikes, he started the Rad Power Bikes business and converted traditional bikes into electric bikes following his client's specifications or needs. The company was later re-launched with now the aim of reaching a broader consumer market. He also partnered with Ty Collins in 2015 in the business. The company aims at creating e-bikes that have remarkable customer experience and are affordable. They make bikes that are energy-efficient, enjoyable, and affordable. The company targets people looking for electric bicycles, so they have various cycles on their page for customers to choose from them. 

Products and Services of Rad Power Bikes
Rad Power Bikes provide e-bikes to all customers who are interested in the experience of the electronic bike. They also offer accessories that fit your e-bike. The company also provides different e-bike services. Bikes' choice can be affected by the current city location, cargo and utility, folding, and step-thru. Some of the bikes available are RadWagon, RadMission, RadRunner, RadRover, and more. They also offer accessories such as bags and storage, fenders and comfort, racks, and transport. Parts available include chargers, tires, tubes, components, seats and grips, and more. 

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