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Saturdays NYC

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About Saturdays NYC

Saturdays NYC is an online shop with retail stores across the United States, Japan, and Australia. In 2009, they got the ball rolling by making Crosby Street, New York City home to their premier store. In 2012, Daikanyama district Tokyo welcomed their first oversea shop in line with their views to leave a global footprint. Other locations include; Shibuya Parco, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, Sydney, and Melbourne. These stores are famous for their espresso bar joints for customers to relax and unwind from their stressful lives while having coffee, bagels, and other baked goods. Initially, it was Saturdays Surf NYC, but down the line, they let go of the surf in their brand name.

Morgan Collett, Colin Tunstall, and Josh Rosen are friends who live in New York City and the co-founders of the Saturdays NYC brand. They are art enthusiasts and enjoy board sports during their free time. Before the establishment of their firm, Collin was a magazine art director and an alumnus of savannah college of art and design, Morgan a designer at ACNE studios, and josh a professional snowboarder. Their backgrounds and love for wavefronts were crucial in sustaining their motivation during their start-up year when they had to work extra time and round the clock to ensure the success of their business.

Products and services of Saturdays NYC

Due to the numerous suppliers they stock from, Saturdays NYC is an apparel store that gives customers access to a wide range of accessories. Items available at their shops are from brands like; Need Supply, Threads and needles, Glassgow Aphrodite clothing, Madrid Trait Store, Robinsons & co, Slick Willy's, L'Exception, and lots more. Their aim at inception was to tend to the needs of surfers and workers of New York City by selling wet suits, boards, arts, and other accessories. It proved its worth as a passion-driven brand by surpassing the role of retailers to become designers of its own men's clothing line and the head of its supply chain. They have grown ceaselessly over the years and finally decided to branch into the women's clothing section with an all-female designer team to explore the market of clothes exclusively for women and reach a new audience with their designs.

They also run a Magazine as the official news outlet of their brand. Collin Tunstall was an editor for other news outlets before he became a co-owner. His experience in the industry made the addition seamless and easy. With this, they can feed their clients with articles in their exact words without any filter or unnecessary omission, as they have witnessed before taking the bold step. The magazine serves as a platform to tell its history, ideologies, and the concept that makes them unique amongst other brands. To know more about their shipping options, fees associated with shipping, payment options, and countries they deliver to, email them at SUPPORT@SATURDAYSNYC.COM.

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A common question intending patrons always ask is, is Saturdays NYC a good brand? There are many ways to figure this out as an individual who wants to purchase board sports apparel. The best way to know the legitimacy of a store is customer reviews, a tested and trusted forum for detecting internet fraudsters who hide under the guise of online shops. Write Saturdays NYC a review that gives in-depth access to your experience and feedback as a customer.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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