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Silk Therapeutics

The alarming need to have soft and smooth skin by almost everyone is becoming worrisome. While it is not bad to desire this, many brands have banked on people's desperation to create products that would cause more harm than good to unsuspecting customers just to make profits. And while some of these products do not have effects, others mar the skin instead. This leaves you with no value for your money.
But then, some skincare products from a few brands prove to save the day. However, they are not easy to come by. Nonetheless, Silk Therapeutics is a biotech company striving to stand out among many others. But you may want to ask, how is Silk Therapeutics any different? What makes them better? Reading customer reviews will be of great help. However, let's take a look at this company.

About Silk Therapeutics

Silk Therapeutics is based in Medford, Massachusetts, and was founded by Rebecca Lacuoture and Greg Altman. It was incorporated in 2013. It is also known as Purecrop or Silk Cosmetics. However, its legal name remains Silk Therapeutics Inc. As a biotech company, and it strives to make good skincare products for wellness and better health through strictly silk materials, natural ingredients, and silk technology.

Products Of Silk Therapeutics

Silk Therapeutics offers products that repair and positively alter natural skin deformation. These products include an Anti-eye aging cream made with Vitamin C and E, activated silk, and caffeine. All of which correct dark circles, wrinkles, and under-eye bags. There is also a body moisturizer made with nourishing oil, aloe vera, activated silk, and squalene to soothe and allows you to enjoy the benefits of hydrated skin.
Silk Therapeutics also has a facial cleanser that removes makeup oils and cleans pores and surface oils — and it's great for all skin types. Another of their product is the advanced anti-aging serum made with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C. It reduces the visibility of facial lines and wrinkles, giving a younger look. Aside from manufacturing skin care products, the company also offers daily treatment, skincare assistant products, intense targeting, trial kits, and the manufacturing of customized products for special customers.
The ingredients used in skincare products go into the bloodstream. And it tends to either cause irritation or bring about other allergic reactions. For this reason, the company also gives recommendation services as there are specialists versed in certain products that would be very effective on specific skin types.

Praise for Silk Therapeutics

From numerous customer reviews, Silk Therapeutics seems to have found relevance in the grand scheme of effectiveness in the skincare world. The compliments have been on the positive side. Although not very many complaints have reached us aside from unavailability of the products in certain areas. Nonetheless, it would be highly appreciated if the current and past customers of Silk Therapeutics share their experiences of using the brand's products with us.

Tips, Compliments, And Complaints Of Silk Therapeutics

Have you ever bought a product from Silk Therapeutics? Is Silk Therapeutics legit? What are your thoughts on the quality of their services? What do you think about the product you bought? Would you recommend this brand to others? Share your Silk Therapeutics review on our platform today. Your experience and feedback will guide other customers with quality information and help them make better decisions.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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