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Mattresses refer to rectangular pads made of strong fabric filled with either soft material or an arrangement of coiled spring. The mattress is then positioned on top of a frame mostly made of wood referred to as a bed. Mattresses have an amazing history; the word itself is said to come from the Arabic word al-matrah, which means cushion, carpet, seat, or bed. History records that the initial mattresses were made from a collection of leaves, animal skins, and straw spread on the ground to offers a form of cushioning between the hard ground and the person sleeping. As time went on, people began using beds made of wood and some form of cushioning on top, which was ordinarily inexpensive. For wealthy individuals, however, beds were made of luxurious materials containing coverings of silk, velvet, and other high end materials.


About Sleepiphany

Sleepiphany is a company that was inspired as the name suggests by an epiphany (a game changing realization). The company found out that there is no one size fits all mattress. Thus, the company came up with a one-layered mattress featuring unique adjustability as well as a patent pending design aimed at permitting the user to take control of their sleep and have a positive impact on their life. This was the founder's epiphany, and they named it Sleepiphany, which has grown to be a big brand. The company focuses on adjustability, a feature that was previously available only in expensive mattresses. The company has worked on adjustability to offers an affordable price while still maintaining quality. With their mattresses, the company empowers users to control their sleep, ensuring they sleep a happier, healthier, and better life. Sleepiphany mattresses are manufactures by verlo mattresses, an organization that is deeply grounded on integrity, ensuring that they always keep their client's needs in mind.


Products and services of Sleepiphany

Sleepiphany offers mattresses that feature exceptional style and quality. The company's mattresses have a good look and feel. The mattresses are made with premium fabrics, a plush top, and a classic denim design adding style to the user's life and bedroom. The company strives to ensure that its mattresses meet the client's specifications, but in any case of an issue, a client can always contact the company's support, and returns are allowed. The company explicitly provides a 120-night guarantee to its clients. If a client chooses to return the mattress, the company offers a refund for the mattresses' purchase price. The company offers mattresses such as Twin XL, California king-sized mattresses, and the king and queen-sized mattresses.


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