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Skincare is a paramount routine for everyone to engage in. Skin is an external organ that easier reacts to changes in the environment, and being an organ that constantly sheds, it must be ensured to keep up with the care routine. However, it being a sensitive organ makes it important to ensure not to use products that will cause harm to it or the general health. StriVectin is a store that offers skincare products to customers around the world. Reading reliable reviews on the company will engage you more in the company's activities.

What type of brand is StriVectin?

StriVectin is a skincare brand that provides products that reduce skin aging and increase the skin's radiance. The company employs NIA-114 TM to bring its experimented-based authentic products to the market. The NIA-114 TM technology uses Niacin for all of its skincare products to enhance the performance of the other materials used and to bring out the beauty in the skin. The company was founded in 2002 to create new, aging, skin-changing counter products. It gives significant attention to testing its products before bringing them to the market, thus ensuring all of its products are responsible, research-based, and produce the maximum result is meant to produce. The company puts skin health foremost, not skin perfection, making products that do not cause harm to its users.

What are the Products Offered by StriVectin?

StriVectin offers skin care products that accommodate all skin types using the NIA-114 TM technology, making product action on the skin powerfully apparent and enhancing the skin barrier. The company offers products in groups like moisturizers, advanced retinol, and serum with other groups of products. Products are also offered based on concern, like products for fine lines and wrinkles, sun protection, stretch marks, and others. Other StriVectin products are StriVectin eye cream and StriVectin neck cream.

The company offers a special deal to all its first-time customers. By joining the inner circle, customers become entitled to points when they shop. The welcome points, first purchase bonus, and points for purchase, among others, are some of the awards given to company customers. Customers interested in purchasing and have no adequate funds can pay using Afterpay, an interest-free installment platform.

Payment, Shipping, Return, and Refund Policy of StriVectin

Local customers enjoy free shipping on all orders and returns. Shipping is immediately processed after an order is placed. The company accepts the return of products within 30 days after receipt. Products must either be unused or gently used. The company makes a full payment refund, although if the customer used a point to make a purchase, it would be deducted from the refund. The company has a right to refuse or accept any return made. Refunds are normally made within 7-10 business days. However, the company does not accept international returns or exchanges of products.

Reviews, Compliments, and Complaints for StriVectin

We are interested in getting to hear StriVectin customer reviews from you. Knowing your experience and feedback will make the company aware of ways they can serve you better. Other customers can also learn more about the brand and whether to purchase from them. We advise you to tell us how you found the quality of the products, how timely you found the delivery services, and how reliable or unreliable you found the customer service.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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