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Syman Says Farms

Farming is one satisfying job but it needs the patience to care for your animals.  Animals on family farms are well cared for and aren’t routinely injected with antibiotics as they are on commercial farms. Most farmers treat their animals as pets or as part of the family. Many people also prefer to buy products from family farms because they usually don’t use a lot of harmful chemicals. 

Farming is a great way to ensure strong work ethics for the kids and help. Helping with farm work also gives children a feeling of accomplishment while they are harvesting fresh fruits or getting eggs from their hens. The best part of farming is being in nature. The scenery is peaceful and calming, you get to watch the sunrise and sunset over the land. The air is clean and so fresh.

About Syman Says Farms
In 2009, owners Liz and Aaron started their chicken farm to have fresh kids for their kids. In July 2012, the dream came to reality and Syman Says Farms started. Then they had goats the following year as they produce the most delicious and nutritious milk for the family. The farm has grown bigger than just providing fresh eggs and milk for the family. 

They now make several all-natural Goat Milk Skin & Body products as well as their award-winning Swanky Sauce. In 2020, the farm became their place of refuge and only source of income. They focus on health, safety and family and continue providing education, entertainment and quality products. Their youtube also has grown dramatically providing more people on hand information about farming.

Products and Services of Syman Says Farming
The website of Syman Says Farms offers different products related to goats. They have skin and body products such as Goat Milk soap, lotion and bath salts. There is also lip balm and a bundle collection. When you visit their farm, you can do the activities with the goats and kids, group goat snuggles, it is like having a picnic with the goats and private goat snuggle where a person can bond with a goat. If you want to care for your own baby goat, you can also purchase a baby goat from the farm.

Their website also sells their award-winning swanky sauce and souvenirs like printed shirts, phone case, notebooks, mugs and others which are all printed with goats.  They also have gift certificates that you can purchase online and give to your loved ones on a special occasion.

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