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The Exodus Effect

Apart from praying and believing in God, the testaments of the Holy Bible also offer different ways to keep up with your life events, problems and health matters. The Holy Bible was first written in Hebrew and then translated into many languages known at that time including the Egyptian language. This translation was performed 2000 years back. The old Hebrew version consisted of the oldest testaments. These testaments are very few and can only be found in few Churches. However, as the language is not much famous in the west and remained in use by the Israelis, the English and other popular language translations are read around the world.

It is also a fact that while translating, a written passage can change its meaning in the other language because every language has its tone and perceptions of a single word as compared to a phrase. The same word can give a different meaning when used in different sentences in varying situations. Dr Benneth found a similar translation diaspora. He found that the word “Kannat Bos” in the Hebrew version was translated as a flower that only grows in Israel, in the subsequent translations. The Exodus Effect now offers an oil made with “Kannath Bos” after finding a possible right meaning. The oil can be ordered online from their website.

About the Exodus Effect

The Exodus Effect is a website made after a journey of a common old man looking for joint and muscle pain relief for his wife. After taking medications and treatment, his wife was not getting better but moving towards a bed-bound condition. The pain was severe and the relief was not achieved from any of the treatments available. He was a Holy man and kept most of his life reading and researching the Holy Bible on different topics. He decided to search for a solution in the testaments, believing that the long life of the Profits is hidden in the verses.

After searching in the libraries, he found Dr Benneth’s discovery made 1500 years ago. Consequently, he also found an old Hebrew version. The Hebrew language was known to him, therefore he started reading to explore Dr Benneth's discovery of “Kenneth Bos” which was translated wrong. While he completed his search for the right meaning of the word, he discovered it to possibly be Cannabis.

Now Exodus Effect provides an oil made with Cannabis and many ingredients extracted from natural herbs and plants for different physical ailments and pains. The online shop of our website consists of feedback from customers who have experience of using this Oil. Do you feel the same as others might be feeling after reading the story? Try reading reviews to ease your curiosity about their claim.

Products and services offered by the Exodus Effect

The only product the Exodus Effect offers is a natural Oil, based on a formula found from the Hebrew version of the Bible made after 33 attempts of mixing ingredients in different proportions. The website consists of a video to elaborate on the journey of reaching this formula after reading from Exodus. The website contains separate questions regarding age, conditions and belief in God by clicking Diabetes, Arthritis, Bunions, Pulmonary Disease, Insomnia, Tired & Worn Out or Other. In the end, directs towards a prescription about the usage of their Oil and finally payment and shipment details.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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