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The STI Clinic

You have probably been considering running STI screening, but you are worried about the confidentiality of your data. Thousands of clinics run the screening but do not guarantee safe privacy. So how do you make the right choice of selecting the appropriate clinic that clicks all boxes? It is simply by reading customer reviews on websites like ReviewsBird. You will find tons of reviews from customers that have patronized clinic such as STI clinic that tends to focus solely on performing STI screening while keeping in mind the privacy of their patients. What is STI Clinic? What service do they offer?

About The STI Clinic

STI Clinic is an online clinic that tends to provide affordable, fast, and discreet sexual health screening through UK-based pathology laboratories to its customers. The clinic was founded in 2008 in the UK. Since then, the STI clinic has been offering its services to patients in the UK while ensuring the privacy of its patients is protected. Additionally, the clinic employs the services of licensed Doctors who provide treatment for patients with a positive result through its partnered and licensed pharmaceutical company without compromising the privacy of its patients. The company, on its website, made it known that its screening and treatment services are only available to patients in the United Kingdom. Aside from that, the company does not offer a walk-in service. Instead, the screening processes are carried out digitally and anonymously.

Services rendered by The STI Clinic offers screening for several STIs, including chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV screening, Herpes, and lots more. In addition, customers can visit the company's website for full screening options. To carry out screening, patients can log into their website, create an account and purchase their preferred test. The test kit could be dispatched the same day as purchased, depending on the time of purchase. Patients can provide the test samples following the guidelines on test kits and post back the samples using the provided envelope. STI Clinic states on its website that samples are processed, and results are available online within 24 hours of receiving samples.

Packaging, posting, delivery, and Kit Replacement

To conceal patients' data, sends kits in a plain white bubble-wrap envelope which can fit in letter boxes. In case of delivery timing, patients can get their kit the next day, depending on the time of purchase and their postal service preference. The STI Clinic offers replacements for missing kits at no extra cost. Supposing you have inquiries, you can check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) session or contact customer service through the email address provided below: Email:; Consultation:

Complaints, compliments, and Tips for The STI Clinic

If you have ever used the service of the STI Clinic before, you probably have something to say about their services. Did they protect your privacy? Did you have any doubts about the accuracy of the test result? How about the kit delivery timing? Was your result delayed? You can share your experience and feedback with us. Others will learn much about this company from your customer review.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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