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Tilley Endurables

Hats are one of the clothing accessories that are important for both men and women, and this is no surprise because it makes women look more elegant. The issue is finding a reliable online brand that will provide you with a wide variety of high-quality hats. How do you know if the hat you want to buy from this brand won't tear at a slight touch? How do you know if the materials were made without any animal cruelty? Reviews of previous brand customers will give you more insight into the good and negative sides of the company.

About Tilley Endurables

Tilley Endurables is a hat-producing company founded in Canada in 1980 by Alex Tilley. The major product this company is known for is hats, but they also manufacture other clothing accessories and travel clothing. In the past, most of the products of this brand were made in Canada, but now the production has majorly shifted to China.
The company was sold to Hilco Capital in 2015, then in 2018, it was sold to Gibraltar & company. The original hats that this company manufactured were made using cotton duck and then adding a brim to the hat. The company has also expanded to the United Kingdom, offering its services and products in large numbers.

Products And Services Of Tilley Endurables

Although the major product that this company sells is hats, they also have other clothing accessories such as tops and shorts. Tilley Endurables brimmed hats are part of the item sold in the section for hate.
Here, customers can either shop according to the size of hats they want, the style of hat they need, or the collection. In their collection of hats, items like the TilleyEndurables itm6 airflow hat are available. Customers can also find different styles of women's caps in the same catalog for hats. In their men's clothing section, one can find outerwear, bottoms, and tops for men.
The same list of clothing is also available in the women's section, except that they vary in style. Socks and underwear are available in men's and women's clothing categories. Customers looking to reduce the amount they pay for a product can apply the Tilley Endurables coupon code.

Additional Services Of Tilley Endurables

The brand has a hat sizer, where customers can get the perfect size for different hats the company sells, including the Tilley Endurables brimmed hats. A care instruction section also teaches customers how to take care of their hats and caps. Customers shopping from the UK can use their regular or free delivery service to receive their orders. Other countries they ship their products to are listed on their site, and the delivery date differs. To contact the company:

Email: tilley@tilley.com
Phone: 1-800-ENDURES

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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