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Total Diabetes Supply

Diabetes is a prerequisite of high blood sugar and a disease condition that affects the body. It is lethal and can override the brain's activity when not monitored or managed. People with diabetes are placed on drugs and insulin to help them to live without ulcers and other complications resulting from their ailments. Read health shop reviews on ReviewsBird to choose a company tested and trusted by other diabetics as a reliable store to acquire health supplies.

About Total Diabetes Supply

Total Diabetes Supply is a company in Florida, United States. It is a store born out of the desire to provide people living with diabetes a safe place to acquire medications without the stress of sorting through drugs that are useless to them. They act as middlemen between customers and manufacturers of health supplies like Nova Max, Prodigy, OneTouch Ultra, Becton Dickinson, and so on.

Products and services of Total Diabetes Supply

Total Diabetes supply deals with medical supplies for people living with diabetes. It is an online drug store that accepts, processes, and supplies prescriptions for syringes, pen needles, glucose test strips, infusions, and other medical needs of customers within the United States. People with diabetes must regulate their diet, check their blood sugar levels regularly, and use drugs to manage their condition. Thus, they need a steady supply of testing strips and drugs all year round. To ease the stress of making a fresh order monthly, you can subscribe to the Total Diabetes Supply auto-ship program for a discount on your next purchase.

Return policy of Total Diabetes supply

The art of buying and selling is a complex field that accommodates both service providers and patrons. Suppliers include their customers' interests in every decision to build their clientele. Total Diabetes Supply has a customer-friendly return policy that preserves the right of manufacturers. Only new items with intact labels and packs are entitled to a refund. The return is of three categories; those sent back within seven days are for full refunds, while items returned between 7 to 3 months will have a 20% reduction from initial charges as a re-stocking fee. If the supply is still in your possession three months later and you still want to return it, you are entitled to 50% of the initial payment. Tampered Items and those past six months of delivery are not eligible for a return.

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Drugs are fragile commodities consumed only in their purest form, void of adulteration. The Consumption of drugs improperly stored drugs may have an adverse effect. Thus, it is advisable to do a background check on any store before purchasing a medication. Read reviews that provide information on customer experience and feedback, pay attention to details like the time it takes to ship an item, measures they put in place to preserve the drugs within their prescribed temperature, and so on. Do you have anything to say about this company? If you are a beneficiary of customer reviews, why not pass on the favor by writing Total Diabetes Supply a review for other diabetics to benefit from.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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