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Tote & Carry

Everyone has different likes and dislikes, their habits and their addiction towards different objects. When we say addiction, we might stop for a while to think about. But, deep down we all have some craziest inspirations and addictions. Some craves for food all the time. For instance, some would be any time for pizza or donuts or alike. Similarly, some people specially women can die for clothing; dresses, jumpsuits or they try something from different cultures. Additionally, some people like sunglasses a lot. Like they would have a large collection for every event. Likewise, there are a number of people who would love to buy and carry handbags. Either its men or women, there is a large number of masses who are addictive for the bags.

Bags can be of different types; it depends on the event and timings. Some of the types of bags are; cutches, shoulder bag, flight bag, bucket bag, barrel bag, foldover bag, flap bag, baguette bag, pochette etc. If we talk about male’s bags then there will be briefecase, vertical messenger bag, duffel, hobo bag, tote bag, vintage bags, waterfly sling bag, etc. Tote & Carry is a brand that designs and launches variety of bags and different nature of events. They offer bags for men and women both.

About Tote & Carry

Tote & Carry

is a luxury brand for bags. Tote & Carry was founded in 2016 in Atlanta, USA. It was founded by two entrepreneurs Tony Dennis and Tony Rey. Both the co-founders of the brand came from the fashion background and have the history to work with the well-known names and brands. The brand Tote & Carry designs leather bags for travel, business and occasion purposes.

Products and Services of Tote & Carry

Tote & Carry

is the brand for leather bags for male and female. The bags are available in different colors, textures, fabric and styles with the signature snakeskin pattern. The co-founders use eco-leather in their products to save the environment. Apollo I, Apollo II, Backpacks, Duffles, Fridge Backpack, Fashion Vest, Business Bags, Cross Body and Accessories are available at the store. Moreover, hygiene bag, travel accessories, facemasks, hats are also available there.

Further, the brand has Return and Refund Policy services for the customers in case of damage delivery. Furthermore, they also provide Warranty Policy under certain terms and conditions. Customers can also preorder their order by reserving what they want in advance. Other than that, shipment takes place within 3-7 business days depending on location.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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