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Transformer Table

Most of us have seen different transformable tables, chairs, beds, etc. They help to conserve space and most of them can be converted to different other structures. For instance, our beds can be converted to couches, this would save a lot of cost and space.

This concept is relatively new, but people are buying into it seeing the various advantages it has. Being a new development, it is usually not readily available. One store that claims to make these transformable structures available to the public is Transformer Table. They maintain that they make transformable couches and that they provide high-quality products. To find out more about Transformer Table’s products you can read the customer reviews below.

About Transformer Table

Transformer Table is a company that specializes in the production of transformable couches, tables, etc. They are based in Montreal, Canada. This company was incorporated in 2016, and it maintains that its main goal is client satisfaction.

Transformer Table claims to have grown exponentially over the years, building a respectable client base.
They say they have started working with retailers such as Costco, Staples & Homesense. This brand also boasts that they have appeared on Dragons Den QC & Canada. They maintain that have been present at hundreds of trade shows across North America, and more than 5 million people funded their kick-start.

Transformer Table maintains that their entire product line has been thought of, and developed to be completely rearrangeable and configurable, to enable customers to create their own unique space. They claim that their goal is to design and build the most amazing, one-of-a-kind products on the market while making their customers’ lives a better and simpler one.

Channels to contact Transformer Table

Do you have any questions about Transformer Table? Customers with questions and inquiries for Transformer Table can contact them via email at For media information, customers can contact them at

Products and services of Transformer Table

At the Transformer table, customers can get their Transformer Table chairs, transformable couches, transformable outdoor chairs, and other tables of different sizes and types.

Shipping and return policy of Transformer Table

During delivery, Transformer Table avows that their local delivery agent in a customer's area will contact the customer, and then advise them on the delivery time frame of their furniture. Every delivery will take place in a time frame window, this is not a fixed appointment time.

Transformer Table also declares that delivery is usually subsidized. They avow that they do not offer in-house or room of choice delivery services. Deliveries usually take place from Monday to Friday, during regular business hours. Transformer Table does not offer weekend or holiday deliveries.

Shipments going to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canadian Territories, Native reserves, mountains, army bases, islands, and any remote area, may be subject to additional fees. Other shipping charges may apply depending on the shipping location.

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