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Hair is a protein filament found in the dermis layer of the skin and grows from the follicle. It is one of mammals defining characteristics. A majority of human skin is covered in follicles which produce fine hair. Most interest in hair usually focuses on hair types, hair growth and hair care. Different cultures also have different attitudes toward diverse types of hair and hairstyles. Most often, hair is used to specify the personal belief of a person, and their social position such as age, religion or sex. Each hair strand is composed of the cortex, medulla and cuticle. The medulla is the innermost region; it is unstructured, open and not always present. Cortex is the region that is organized and highly structured; it is the second of the three hair layers and the primary source of water uptake as well as strength. It is made up of melanin which forms the colour of the fibre based on the distribution, type and number of melanin granule. It is the shape of the follicle that, in turn, determines the shape of the cortex.


About Vegamour

Vegamour is a company that believes that people shouldn’t have to compromise their health to have beautiful hairs, brows and lashes. The company aims explicitly at ensuring that the healthier one is, the better they feel. It also beliefs that it is impossible to make plant-based products that are powerful with real visible results and proven clinical efficacy. The company’s story is inspired by its founders who while travelling overseas to find out powerful natural ingredients, came across many needy local communities. Despite the land being fertile, many children lived in poverty, workers were exploited, and education was scarce.


Products and services of Vegamour

The company offers a variety of products which include Hair, Brow, Lash, Wellness, Gro+ and Kits. In hair, the company offers 100% vegan and safe products to support your hair growth naturally. In case you got sparse, short or thin eyelashes, Vegamour offers eyelashes enhancers and serums. The company also offers gro+ advanced products that help to reduce levels of stress and ease inflammation to put a person’s endocannabinoid system balanced. Some of the company’s products include, Gro+ Advanced Hair Serum, vegaBROW Volumizing Serum, GRO Hair Serum, GRO+ Advanced Gummies, GRO+ Advanced Brow Serum, Lovestruck Biotin Gummies for Hair, Hand Sanitizer Spray, Gro+ Advanced Gummies - 3 Month Supply and Lovestruck Biotin Gummies - 5 Month Supply.


Compliments, complaints and tips for Vegamour

Vegamour has a well-experienced team that ensures it offers its clients quality products. It also has an open privacy policy and doesn’t share client’s information with any third party. It also has an open shipping and returns policy. The company ships orders above $49 for free. Clients are also advised to be careful while placing orders as once an order has been placed, it cannot be cancelled. If a client’ isn’t satisfied with an item they can return it provided, it is in good condition. If you have used their products, leave a review on US-Reviews.