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A pocket knife refers to a knife that's foldable and has either one or more blades that fit inside the handle, and in turn, the handle can fit in the pocket. A pocket knife is also referred to as a penknife or jackknife, though a penknife may refer to a specialized pocket knife. The normal blade length of a pocket knife is about two to six inches. Pocket knives are multipurpose tools and can be used for various purposes, varying from cutting to opening an envelope, self-defense to slicing fruits. Pocket knives have an interesting history. It is recorded that the earliest known pocket knife dates as far as the Iron age. At the Hallstatt culture in Austria, a pocket knife having a bone handle was discovered. It is said that this pocket knife dates back as far as 600 to 500 BCE. On the other hand, in Spain, an Iberian folding-blade knife made by indigenous craftsmen and artisans dating back to the pre-Roman era has been discovered. The most basic design of a folding pocket knife is the friction folder; it has a design that utilizes a simple blade that folds freely in and out of the handle.

About Viper Tec

Viper Tec is a company specializing in the manufacture and selling of high-performance custom auto knives and automatic pocket knives. The company has a team that is well specialized in the area. It also has been in the industry for a long time, and thus clients can be assured that Viper Tec products are authentic and high quality.

Products and services of Viper Tec

Viper Tec offers a great collection of high-quality knives in its online store. It believes that clients shouldn't settle for less while they can access high performing knives at reasonable prices. With Viper Tec, clients can access a broad range of custom automatic knives for sale. The knives are well suited for hunting and camping trips, and the variety offered offers durability, longevity, and sturdiness. Viper Tec products go through special manufacturing, guaranteeing they offer a comfortable grip for superior handling whatever the use they have been put into. With knives such as the OTF knives by Viper Tec, clients can get quality dual action knives at reasonable prices. Other types of knives that clients can get from Viper Tec include the Dual Action Reaper OTF, which by visiting the site, one can get to learn more about such knives.

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