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Vrai & Oro

Engagement rings have quite an exciting history. In ancient times what is now a symbol of love was just a mark of ownership and didn't denote romance. Times have however changed, and now rings are used to show affectionate engagements. Engagements rings also have some exciting fact which includes, they originated as a sign of ownership in Rome. Also, rings initially didn't have diamonds. It was until the 1940s that diamonds gained popularity. Just as other Jewelry forms, engagement rings come in diverse styles. Platinum and gold are desired for engagement rings, however common types of metal such as silver, stainless steel and silver are also used to make engagement rings. In countries such as the US, diamond is one of the most featured materials in engagement rings. Solitaire rings have one diamond. Engagement rings common setting is the solitaire prong setting which gained popularity in 1886. One of the common cut used in modern time engagement rings is the brilliant-cut.


About Vrai & Oro

Vrai & Oro is a company that specializes in making diamond jeweler that inspire optimism, possibility and beauty via the human lens of innovations. The company believes in the power of moving forward continually and embracing the beauty of change and evolution. The company products are made from pure diamonds that are grown in America sustainably with no mining and carbon footprint, are then polished and cut to international standards.


Products and services of Vrai & Oro

The company offers its products in various categories which include engagement, and Fine Jewelry. In fine Jewelry the products are further sorted by diamond shape, features collection, and one can also shop by category. As far as shopping by diamond shape is concerned, one can find, Round, Emerald, Oval Marquise, Trillion, Pear, Baguette and Half-moon Jewelry. In featured collections one can find, Diamond bezel, Solitaire diamond, Tetrad rings, Signet rings Tiny diamond, Ear arcs, Toi / Moi. As far as shopping by category is concerned, one can find Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Rings, Last chance and New arrivals. In engagement, one can also shop by diamond shape. One can shop by style, as well as wedding and engagement rings. In engagement rings, one can Create their engagement ring as well as Book, an appointment with a diamond expert. In shopping by style, one can find Solitaire, Halo, Three Stone Vintage-inspired, Yellow gold, Platinum, Rose gold and White gold, in the wedding, one can find Wedding bands, Bridesmaid gifts and Bridal Jewelry.

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Vrai & Oro is dedicated to ensuring that it offers its clients a quality experience and does shipping. The company offers a 5 to 7 days delivery period for all orders in the US. For Engagement rings, Jewelry and wedding pieces the company offers two day processing time as each item is made by hand. They are then delivered within ten days of purchase. The company also has an overnight delivery option done at a $50 flat rate. If you have used their products, leave a review on US-Reviews.