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Jewelry is a term used to describe a variety of little objects worn as an adornment. Among the various types of jewelry are fasteners, cufflinks, and cuff bracelets. Jewelry can be attached to the wearer's skin or clothing. Flowers, for example, are not considered decorations from a Western perspective. Throughout the ages, gold and gemstones have been the most used materials for making jewelry. It is also possible to use shells and plant material in this process.

Archaeological jewelry is among the oldest types of artifacts. The basic forms of jewelry differ from culture to culture, yet they are often long-lasting. The most frequent types of jewelry in European cultures have been around for centuries; however, in Asian and American cultures, components like nose and ankle adornments are much less widespread.

Vrai is supposedly involved in supplying jewels to customers. You may benefit from reading the Vrai customer reviews, below.

About Vrai

(Vrai) Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence, LLC, was founded in Los Angeles in 2014. This company declares that they are now a business subsidiary of Diamond Foundry Inc. (a company that has expanded its operations around the world). In a statement, the company claims to cut and polish diamonds that are sustainably grown in America, by Diamond Foundry, and offer them set-in fine jewelry that has been developed in-house or in their partnership.

Vrai's stated goal is to demonstrate the beauty and potential of diamonds that are generated sustainably. As such, this organization is interested in creating diamonds without mining or the release of carbon dioxide. The organization recognizes that in today's environment, being true to the future is more important than ever; and it is especially important for those who choose to establish a future together. As a result, jewelry is said to evoke feelings of hope, elegance, and the ability to keep going forward.

Vrai maintains that another goal of theirs is a world without compromise or a governmental Kimberley process. The jewelry that the company claims to sell is available in hundreds of different variations and manufactured to order according to a customer’s specific preferences. There is no mention of gold plating or vermeil being used by the manufacturer. The company also affirms that the gold used in their products is reclaimed.

Vrai also states that they are proud to support global causes and social organizations that all move them forward.

How can customers contact Vrai

For questions, comments, and suggestions, interested individuals can contact Vrai via the email address, hello@vrai.com. Additionally, the company is active on various leading social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Through these platforms, the public is kept informed of the activities and relevant information of the company.

Products and services of Vrai

Vrai is involved in the manufacture and sales of various jewelry. Some of its products include Vrai earrings, rings, and necklaces.

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Have you been opportune to purchase any diamond jewelry from Vrai, at any time in the past? If you have, we are interested in hearing about your opinion on the jewelry that you purchased. Besides the details of your experience, we hope that your feedback and customer reviews would contain helpful tips for Vrai.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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