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Wasserstein Home

With the increasing break-ins, it has become more difficult for families to look after their valuables and life security. Among all the home burglar break-ins, 53% occurred during the daytime and 47% during the night. There are only 17% of houses that are secured with sufficient security equipment to keep the burglars away from their territories. These break-ins are mostly performed with the help of hammers, forced entry and screwdrivers. The burglars are trained individuals that have expertise in breaking ordinary locks and windows to acquire hold of the house. They are also young and strong enough to threaten every individual in the house. A study revealed that most of the burglars do not enter the territory of a house with a security system installed.

The present era is of technological advancement. Like other electronics, security equipment has also received ample technological advancement. Most electronics companies are manufacturing surveillance and security equipment to provide their customers with unbreakable home security. There are cameras, beacons, laser barriers, alarms and close circuit TVs to help secure your home. Wasserstein Home is also in the industry of home security. They have developed a range of home surveillance equipment after taking into accord today's need. Their products are offered in an online shop and can be ordered from any part of the United States of America.

About the Wasserstein Home

The Wasserstein Home is an American origin security equipment trader. They operate throughout the USA from their online shop. Their range includes household security systems developed by known brands operating in the United States. Their 1st order was generated on Amazon. However, from the passing years, they are also present on online trading platforms like Walmart, Best Buy, The Home Depot and Target. UPS, United States Postal Services and FedEx are providing shipping facility to the orders received by the Wasserstein Home. Besides, they are also offering reseller and affiliate programs to broaden their customer's engagement.

Product and services offered by the Wasserstein Home

The products and services are classified into smart cameras, video doorbells, smart displays, smart speakers, smart thermostats, sensors, shop by brands and made for Google. The smart cameras they offer are outdoor battery cameras, outdoor wired cameras and indoor cameras. Video doorbells include both battery and wired doorbells. Smart nest and Amazon Echo are offered in the smart displays and speakers division. Smart thermometers are also offered in a large assortment depending on the usage and requirement of the customers. Whereas, water sensors, motion sensors, door sensors and vibration sensors are available to make your home secure from upcoming unforeseen events.

In addition, PlayStation, Xbox, Oculus, wireless headphones and streaming gadgets are also available for gaming and entertainment lovers. The brands they authorized to sell are Apple, Arlo, Blink, Eufy, Google Nest, Ring, Sony, Microsoft Wyze and have also developed Wasserstein as their brand.

The customer review and feedback are available on our online shop page. These are left by customers who have experience with their home security products and services. Do you have a similar need? You can read their reviews to gather information.

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Word of mouth is what everyone looks to take buying decision. The Wasserstein Home products can be rated by accessing their website if you are an existing customer. Our landing page also allows you to write a customer review and give a rating regarding the Wasserstein Home. Your review can be worthwhile for someone reaching our website in search of a security system and allied services.

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