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Wolfgang Man & Beast

Dog, man’s best friend, has different purposes and functions in our day-to-day life. As emotional support animals, guard dogs and pets are here to stay. For every pet owner, safety is a priority. Wolfgang Man & Beast is one such company that offers you essential products and services for your pet’s comfort.

You can read reliable reviews from fellow pet owners who have tried our product and see what they have to say. These customer reviews will give you an insight into what doing business with us feels like and makes it easier for you to navigate through the sea of options out there to choose the best for your pet.

About Wolfgang Man & Beast

Wolfgang Man & Beast is a company founded in 2013 by Jeremiah Murray. Its headquarters is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. The company aims to make the relationship between dog and man a memorable one by designing quality, colorful and trendy products that ease the life and welfare of pets.
They design products like leashes, collars, harnesses, pet accessories, custom t-shirts, and hats. Their products are not just for the beast but man as well.

Products and services of Wolfgang Man & Beast

From dog leashes to harnesses, collars to pet accessories, Wolfgang Man & Beast has it all. Wolf Mountain dog leash, feathered friend dual-handle dog leash, pack leader dual-handle dog leash, cool cat dog leash, retrofit dog leash, fur trader dog leash, white owl dog leash, pledge allegiance dog leash, etcetera, are a few examples from their collection of leashes. They come in different colors to suit the taste of customers and make it easy to keep pets in check while training or going for a walk.

Wolfgang Man & Beast have collars that you can find only at their store. They come in different patterns made from leather. Grand view dog collar, great escape dog collar, dark floral dog collar, lost art dog collar, quetzal dog collar, bird dog collar, bait caster dog collar, hex camo stream dog collar, etcetera, are examples you can use alongside the leash mentioned above to protect and easily identify your dog.

If you are looking for something firmer and safer to use alongside a leash on your dog, then check their collection of harnesses. They have different products, and they come in different sizes, colors, and patterns. Some of these include; hideout comfort dog harness, tie-dye comfort dog harness, kb2020 comfort dog harness, cut bow dog comfort harness, duck blind comfort dog harness, etc.

Complaints, Compliments, and Tips for Wolfgang Man & Beast

Have you tried out a Wolfgang & Beast harness? What are your thoughts on its quality? Will you like to shop with them again? Would you recommend them to other pet owners to try their product? Leave a review sharing your experience with others on what our service is like. If you have tips or improvements you think can better our service, do not hesitate to let us know. Customer experience and feedback are vital to helping other people make informed decisions.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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