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is widely practised in India and other Southeast Asian countries since more than 5,000 years ago. The word Yoga came from the Sanskrit word Yuj, meaning to yoke or to unite, bringing harmony to mind and body. It is believed to be a union between individual consciousness and universal consciousness indicating a perfect harmony with mind, body, man and nature.

Most health enthusiasts practice Yoga as a part of their health and wellness regimen. People do yoga at least twice a week which focuses on breathing and giving clarity to the mind. There is a subtle science attesting that it helps prevent sickness like high blood pressure, heart ailment, backache, body pain, and arthritis. Some of its benefits are It also helps the body sleep peacefully and be more active and enthusiastic when out and about, with positive energy.


Yoga Outlet.Com started way back in 2012, with a mission to provide yoga-inspired products to all levels of yoga. It hopes to help outfit and equip yoga aficionados throughout their yoga practice. Yoga also offers online classes to get you going even when you are at home or travelling out of town. From the name itself, this site is a one-stop-shop for all things yoga and it helps prepare beginners to start their journey through proper yoga outfit, mat and props. It is important to have a proper yoga outfit during a workout because it is comfortable making Yoga more enjoyable.

Beginners may avail the yoga essential collection which is a good deal and can save money compared to buying props individually. These yoga props make your body less rigid when taking on a new pose. Yoga has different products and services with different categories to choose from.

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This site offers a variety of products essential to yoga like yoga mats, women’s yoga clothing and different yoga props. These props are yoga block in different sizes and thickness, eight-foot yoga strap with D ring. Under the menu classification of their products and services are the bundles for different needs such as basic yoga bundle, restorative yoga bundle and essential yoga bundle. They also have other categories like new arrivals, clothing, yoga mats & props, accessories, meditation, health and wellness, studios and items on sale. There are different interesting products to choose from Health and Wellness tabs like a love potion, essential oils and matching face mask and scrunchie set. A feature in one of their categories is the studio directory where you can choose to practice yoga near your location or you can just avail their online classes and do the workout wherever you are.

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Do you have questions related to shipping your orders? has a live chat/help opportunity while you are browsing on their site and a customer service centre that can help you after-sales. It is also committed to giving its best in terms of shipping capabilities. If you ever purchase or use the services of, feel free to share your experience & feedback at We will appreciate your customer review no matter what.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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