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Born To Sell

Many companies claim to provide software applications that allegedly help their clients make money through simplified means and procedures by making more sales of the customer's products. One of such companies is Born to Sell. We also advise people to always go online to check about a company's customer reviews before patronizing such a company. Read through to see honest customer reviews about Born to Sell on

About Born to Sell

Born to Sell allege that they are a software development firm that creates easy-to-use covered call investment tools offering a covered call screener and covered call portfolio management software. They further profess to be a time-saving subscription service that helps customers to identify/research trades, track their portfolio, and maximize the time premium they collect each month. The firm professes that, unlike other firms that cover many different (and often competing and confusing) option strategies, they want to be the best at just one thing: covered calls.

Channels to contact Born to Sell

Born to Sell maintains that they can be located at; 8465 W Sahara, suite 111-568 Las Vegas, NV 89117. They can also be contacted on call via telephone at (800) 434-6980, Fax: (888) 279-8161, or through email at Born to Sell can also be contacted on their social media platforms at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Products and Services of Born to Sell

Born to Sell offers covered call services which they claim are an easy and conservative income-oriented investment strategy. They maintain that their customers can use their covered call screener to earn extra income from stocks and ETFs they already own or to help find new investment opportunities. Born to sell allege that the covered call strategy is conservative, simple to execute, and consistent in its ability to generate recurring monthly income.

Born to Sell maintains that their software is fast and that if a customer changes one of their search filters (any slider, checkbox, etc.), they see the results update immediately. They affirm that their customers never have to push a Search button and wait for an entire new page load to see the results. They further assert that their software is easy and that they use modern web design principles to make customer choices clear and easy to understand. Born to sell declares that they believe that customers can make money with covered calls by keeping the software and process simple.

Born to Sell argues that their software saves customers' time as most covered call writers spend a great deal of time updating and creating a custom spreadsheet that they use to track their positions. However, they declare that their portfolio features take care of this for customers.

Compliments, Complaints, and Tips for Born to Sell

We call on people who have used Born to sell services to kindly write about their experiences using their services. How fast and effective is the software in helping to make money in your business? Can you recommend Born to Sell software to your loved ones? Do you have any complaints against their services? Or any tips you feel might help them serve people better? Drop it in your candid customer reviews below. We look forward to your feedback.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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