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Different industries, including the hospitality industry, need business intelligence solutions that help them get the necessary data that will help them in making important decisions concerning their company. Business intelligence solutions include data analysis and forecasting tools to enable businesses to have 360-degree control their business and avoid critical mistakes. It may be hard to find a reliable brand that offers this service, but reading the reviews of customers is a good way to separate good brands from the rest.

About DataVision

DataVision is a company that has been operating for more than 20 years to offer business intelligence solutions to its clients (mainly in the hospitality industry). According to the company, they claim to have empowered more than hundreds of customers by providing them with necessary data that will help their business. According to their philosophy, from their founders to the customer support team, they are committed to delivering good business solutions to hotels, golf clubs, and otter hospitality corporations. This company's head offices are in two locations: Miami, USA, and Pune, India. They claim to be members of HTNG, HFTP, and AHLA; this participation increases their integrity.

Solutions And Services Of DataVision

DataVision technologies' major function is to connect the multiple systems of a hospitality organization and then channel them to run in a single system. The reason why the solutions of this company are made this way is that, according to them, it helps give a hospitality company an all-round view of their organization. The data and solutions they provide are filled with reports and dashboards of insights that will be needed to expand the company's operations. DataVision analytics helps their clients review the distribution of revenue of a hospitality company in the major segments such as rooms used in the organization, the spa, and food and drinks.

DataVision CRM is another of their solutions that help in an organization's promotions and marketing activities and enables them to identify their major customers. Other solutions by this company include their multi-property and forecasting services. DataVision forecasting solutions are needed by organizations to help them review their business's daily performance, create their budgets, and also financial data.

DataVision Learning Resources

There is a resource section for their customers to get more information on the different solutions offered by this company. In this resource section, customers also learn about the company's upcoming events, newsletters, press releases, customer testimonials, and white papers.

Compliments, Complaints, And Tips For DataVision

Has your hospitality company made use of the business solutions that DataVision provides? Please share your feedback and customer review on our platform concerning the analysis and CRM tools used in making vital decisions in an organization? Was the data provided by this company's product correct, or did it make your organization make wrong estimates? Please share your DataVision reviews on our website to help other hospitality companies interested in using their solutions. Aside from that, our experience and feedback will also help the company improve its products and services.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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