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Garden Tower Project

One of the things that bring about joy in living is growing a garden. Tendering a garden entails having favorable weather, good soil, the right species of plant, and adequate care, love, and attention showered on the garden. But what happens if you happen to not have one or two of the requirements?
Garden Tower Project is a company that offers you organic produce and other garden products to buy. Reading customer reviews will help in knowing the type of products they offer.

About Garden Tower Project

Garden Tower Project is a US-based company situated in Bloomington, Indiana. It is a company aiming to end food insecurity and enhance the growth of produce not stripped of nutrients. It was launched on Kickstarter on the 19th of April, 2012. It was founded by inventor Colin Cudmore, environmental scientist Joel Grant, and health professional Thomas Tlusty.
The company started with a vision to link people worldwide with organic and sustainable homegrown healthy produce. Over the years of its operation, it provided gardening items devoid of diminished nutrients due to soil depletion or widespread use of pesticides and herbicides on crops. Products produced by the company include organic fertilizer, garden accessories, garden planters, starter plants, etc.
Two years after the company’s launch, Garden Tower 2 TM was produced with 100% American parts. With features like 100% recyclable 360 degrees rotation, mention a few.

Products and Services of Garden Project Tower

To provide healthy nutritional products through homegrown gardening, Garden Project Tower produces several products to aid its mission. Some of the products include the Garden Tower 2 TM. Move and Grow Bundle, Starter Bundle, Deluxe Bundle, Premium Coaster Wheel Kit, Ultra-Efficient LED Grow Light Kit, Exclusive Native Bee House, LED Grow Light Stand, and other garden products.
Some starter plants sold at the store include the Beautiful Harvest Seed Collection, Culinary Herb Seed Collection, Juicing Tower Container Seeds Collection, Salsa Tower Container Seeds Collection, etc.

Payment, Shipping, Return, and Refund of Garden Project Tower

Garden Tower Project accepts payment from all major credit cards, including Amazon Pay, PayPal, Amazon Payments, Google Pay, and Shop Pay. The company has 3 payment plans for orders exceeding a specified amount on the website. However, there are some items to which this does not apply. Purchase for business or school must be indicated. A buyer will then be given a form to fill in to make the purchase.
Most shipments are made and sent via FedEx. Shipment via USPS is done to Post Office Boxes, US states, or territories outside the continental states and Canada. A refund is made when a product is returned within 30 days, and the product returned must be unopened. Return shipping must be deducted before a refund is sent to a customer. In case of a manufacturing defect from the company, the company sets replacements for defective parts.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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