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Do you want to build a brand identity? Have you ever heard of Looka? Looka is a company that helps business owners design and creates logo signs, social media kits, brand kits and business cards. Have you seen logos, social media kits, business cards or brand kits from Looka? Would you like to purchase any of the products offered by Looka? You can have a look at the previous online customer reviews before you make a purchase of their products.

About Looka
Looka is an Al-powered graphic design company. It was launched in November 2016, during which it was known as Logojoy, then later changed it to Looka. Dawson Whitfield is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He worked as a designer for many years, after which he became a CEO at Looka. He spent decades designing logos for clients until he finally launched Looka, which automated design processes without taking away the creativity, vision and fun and still designed quickly and at an affordable price. The company uses machines and technology to streamline the design process with the help of Andrew B. Martin, who is the Chief Technical Officer.

Products and services offered by Looka
Looka has products such as logo makers, brand kits, social media kits, business cards and business name generators. They offer services like logo ideas, colours and style. These serve to help start with inspiration. Looka have curated more than 2000 existing logo designs from different popular industries, including design tips for each.

Looka offers shipping and delivery services
Looka accepts major credit cards, including visa/visa debit, MasterCard/ MasterCard debit and American Express for payments. They do not accept Discovery cards, pre-paid credit cards because their payment portal is not able to process these forms of payment. They also offer PayPal. However, PayPal currently accepts logo packages only and not brand kit subscription-based packages. The main difference between logo packages and brand kit subscription is that while logo packages are a one-time purchase, brand kit subscription packages, which include logo, is a subscription that is billed annually. Customers from Canada may have issues when checking out because some banks have restrictions on online international transactions. You may, therefore, be required to call the bank to have the restriction lifted or otherwise check out with PayPal.

Exchange Policy offered by Looka
Exchanges are done by upgrading from basic to premium if you need additional files or services. In order to upgrade from a basic logo-only package to a premium, you will need to log into the account and click the purchased logo, choose the upgrade, and follow the instructions from there. To make an upgrade of brand kit subscription, you will log into the account, find the subscription section and choose the upgrade. After that, you will select the plan you would prefer to switch to and then pay the difference.

Compliments, Complaints and Tips about Looka
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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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