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In a world brimming with state of the art technology, it is important to march along and be a part of evolution to be successful. Realising that the boundaries of improvement in technology solely depend upon creativity, MyFonts has transformed itself into a hub of bubbling imagination that has been inspiring mindsets over the last couple of decades. MyFonts gives you the ability to reimagine your core message and enables you to deliver it with style. In addition to simply purchasing fonts from their website, users can also become foundry partners and use MyFonts online platform to distribute their own fonts under proper legal terms in practice.

The most undemanding way of knowing whether your investment would pay off or not is by reading online customer reviews. This practice enables you to easily create a more realistic scenario of the services being provided, which can help you reach a more decisive conclusion.

About MyFonts

Launched in 1999, MyFonts is a digital fonts distributor with its headquarters located in Woburn, Massachusetts. Monotype Imaging acquired it in 2011 and has been a part of their group of online stores that work towards providing customers with a plethora of font styles designed to cater to their needs. Monotype itself has been providing services in technology through various acquired digital platforms for more than 130 years.

Products and Services of MyFonts

MyFonts serves as an easy to access online platform that offers a selection from thousands of different font styles while also allowing the customer to avail discounts on fonts that best serve the requirements. By signing up on their website, you can get access to 900+ fonts for free. This also allows you to use the different features of their website to the fullest, including the option to sign up for their 'Rising Stars and Creative Characters' newsletter and allowance to WhatTheFont forum for font identification. You can also collect various favourite fonts and keep them all in one place by creating an Album.

Instead of just buying the product, the customer can try it out beforehand for a much realistic and immersive experience of the actual purchase. Their website consists of an extremely detailed FAQ section that accurately answers most of the commonly presented queries. Their technical support also claims a 24/7 online presence and is readily available to help you with any question relating to their products. Although MyFonts does not provide the customer with the availability of customised fonts currently, the specific foundry partner can be contacted through their website, which allows the customer to file a personal request with the font designer.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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