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properties is an old business. Landlords need agents to find people looking for rental places. The landlord has both residential and commercial properties. To manage them, different governing laws should be followed. Filling a rental application is complicated for ordinary residents. It requires specific knowledge from both landlords and tenants. The property documents are also tough to read if specific terminologies and their meanings are not known. The agents are most commonly specialized in filling the application but it takes time and efforts. Although there are many applications automation platforms available, the automated digital application space is still open in this industry.

The Rentredi was formulated as a company in the United States with a motive to automate the rental applications in the initial stages. However, they have now launched their mobile application that provides several services to the landlords as well as tenants in addition to filling rental applications. Their main focus was initially to serve the landlord but now facilitating tenants as well.

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Mr Ryan Barone

developed the RentRedi mobile app when he experienced difficulty in his rental application filling. Therefore he got the idea of developing a mobile application that could possibly support the landlords to go mobile and manage rentals from anywhere. As the process was complicated for the tenants, later on, they also developed an app for them as well. At present, the app supports rental application, renewals, payment schedules etc for both parties bound in the lease contract. Did you find it difficult to file a rental application? The confusion of 'which property app to select' can be relieved by reading customer reviews on our specially designed review domain.

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the Rentredi
RentRedi gives away to the customers an online rent collection with a predetermined payment plan. The landlord app offered by RentRedi helps the customers manage rent, late fees, clearance and even sends rent reminders. And this all is done from one dashboard. Flexible tenants options are offered by RenrRedi for tenants. Like they can deposit cash at over nine thousand retail locations and payments. This is done through Rentredi’s partnership with the Chime.

The other services provided by RentRedi include tenant screening, maintenance coordination, list and market properties, e-sign lease, renters insurance etc. Tenants can pay rent by using their app from a mobile phone or through cash. If they have maintenance issues, they can report them to landlords. Moreover, they can protect their property with renter’s insurance. There is a contact centre as well where RentRedi’s team addresses the customers’ queries.

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The Rentredi is in process of development. Customer feedback and reviews are eminent in this evolving stage. Their customers having access to their services are the ones who can suggest possible edits and reconsiderations. has a separate review page to enable its customers to write about the products and services available at present. The existing customers can also find review writing opportunity on our services page. Your valuable words can help others looking for similar services.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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