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If you ask a woman, what is the most beautiful and most wanted part of life? She will surely answer you “the beauty of motherhood”. Of course, this is an ultimate dream of almost every woman. The perks of giving birth and raising a child is the most painful yet wonderful part of life. But this period changes a lot in a lady’s life. The obesity, stretch marks, discomfort at every move, the cravings, loss of sharp features, weaknesses and most importantly, losing the hope to get fit in those elegant dresses are some of the painful moments of women beside their inner pains.

During the pregnancy days, the women get feeling of discomfort even with the most comfortable material. Similarly, in nursing days women get so irritated just because the clothes sometimes make barrier to feed the child. Also, sometimes it is difficult for nursing mothers to manage to nurse their child somewhere outside the house or with other young kids. So, women do need easy to deal with garments to manage the pregnancy and nursing days.

About Storq


is a clothing line for maternity and nursing wear. The brand was found in 2014 by Courtney Klein located in San Francisco, US. Storq has different types of fabrics and sizes that can be easy to wear for mothers-to-be and nursing mothers on daily basis. Ethically, the products are made in the U.S, Peru, Philippines and China.

Product and Services of Storq


is a brand that retails maternity and nursing clothes. Although the brand does not sell the products in wholesale, but they just sell directly through their official website. As the maternity days need high comfort level so the brand sells clothes that are used to be wore on daily basis. The brand also sells the products in soft, stretchable and breathable fabric. Also, the sizing of the clothes is usually from 0 size to X3 or 26. Moreover, according to the brand, the product the kind of apparel that are wearable even after pregnancy days i.e., postpartum, nursing and onwards life with kids. Further, the maternity products of Storq include; Basics, Tops, Bottoms, Dresses and Jumpsuits, Intimates and Lounge and Beauty and Accessories.

The Basic consist of 4-piece bundle that has shirts, trousers and inner wears. Meanwhile, nursing products include; Bras and Tanks, Apparel and Lounge and Beauty. In the section of beauty, they have different belly oils, sprays, nursing balms and soothing lotions for stretch marks. Moreover, there is a hospital checklist corner, where the mothers offered with mini baby kits. Additionally, the store has return policy and customer service, where the customers can drop their queries and feedbacks regarding the products and services.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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