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Web access, screen sharing solutions, and all remote access are pretty complex and ridiculously expensive for mid-sized and small-scale businesses. This can also slow them down, reduce their productivity, and leave them highly susceptible to security threats, decreasing their growth rate. It becomes relieving to know that there is a technology that can be used to help push away the limitations on innovation and productivity. But then, finding companies dedicated to ensuring that startups and small-scale businesses have this easy data access is not easy. Nonetheless, there are customers' tech reviews that serve as a roadmap to getting across to these platforms. Aside from that, there is also a company like TSplus on ReviewsBird. But then, how is it different from the rest?

What Is TSplus Company About?

TSplus is a gateway to remote access, application delivery, and software publishing corporations. This company was established to help with easy remote access to data and applications. It was founded in 2005 with the legal name: TSplus Remote Access and a contact email; contact@tsplus.net. TSplus currently generates over six million dollars. Its headquarters is at 334 Glenhill Ave, Yonkers, New York, USA. The company mainly offers software services, IT services, and business services. It has over 30 employees.

Services of TSplus

TSplus offers services that can help convert windows systems into web access and application servers for mobile devices. There are thousands of sessions on the remote desktop, which would help to reach other sources. This brand offers not just integrated technology services; it also tries to give a drive to application delivery through terminal and desktop services. Its products are available on XP, Vista, SBS, Windows 7, 2008/2012, and 2003.

It is more like the internet of things, or IoT, a system of correlated devices that give access to unique identifiers (UIDs) and the ability for data transfer and reach without necessarily requiring complex, costly or bulky processes. TSplus leverages well on the HTML5 technology in creating access to web servers so that different companies can create their portals for publishing their respective apps to give that better availability. TSplus products have compatibility with Firefox, Safari, Edge, Chrome, etc. TSplus has RDS web access that was developed to help with desktop experiences like file transfer, clipboard, and sound support, which functions like the traditional RDP connection. While it is more of an end-to-end user, there is no need for a driver.

Tips, Complaints, And Compliments Of TSplus

TSplus has been in the world of data access services for quite some time now, and we'd love to have you share your experiences and feedback with us here. This would serve as a tip. Does it have better usage performance, like low usage of data and faster load time? Do they have better connectivity like multitasking options and direct connection? How about its multi-platform option? Is it compatible with many OS and devices? What is its connection with TLS and HTTPS? Please do well to leave a customer review as it would be of immense importance to potential customers and intended users.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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