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Walk-In Lab, LLC

Concern for your health requests that you undergo tests as often as possible. An appropriate medical laboratory test is one of the most important parts of preventing disease. You do not have to wait till you are sick before taking proper precautions against the risk of illness. Conducting a medical test despite your busy schedule can prove to be easier with the service of online medical laboratories. With their service, you can pay for your tests online, go to their laboratory (or purchase their test kits that you can send to their laboratory via courier), and receive your result online. Cool, right?

The only possible downside to this may be the process of gaining access to their service. These online laboratories vary. This makes discovering and choosing a reliable laboratory difficult. What do you know about their service and brand integrity? You can read online customer reviews on ReviewsBird before making your decision.

About Walk-In Lab, LLC

Walk-In Lab, LLC is an online medical laboratory that offers its clients without a doctor's order for the test. With Walk-In Lab, you can pay for your test online, walk into their laboratory for your test, and then receive your test result online. You can also purchase test kits from them.

Services of Walk-In Lab, LLC

Walk-In Lab performs tests such as anti-aging tests, auto-immune tests, digestive system tests, liver tests, and different infectious disease tests. Men-specific tests such as cancer screening, erectile dysfunction screening, prostate tests, and hormone tests can be run in their laboratory.

Walk-In Lab performs women-related medical tests like prenatal screening too. You can also buy home test kits from the company.

How do You Take A Walk In Lab, LLC Medical Test?

To order a medical test at Walk-In Lab, you must register or sign up on their website. You are then required to place your test order which is subjected to the review of their medical director. Orders are processed before they can be approved. After approval, a printed copy of the lab order is taken to the laboratory for the client's test. After that, an online result is sent.

Walk-In Lab's Discount and Payment Options

Walk-in Lab, LLC claims to provide a certain percentage off blood tests for their customers. Their discount can be accessed by signing up for their newsletter (which provides clients with a stipulated percentage off their first purchase). Subsequent discount offers are sent to these subscribers. You can signup for their SMS notification too.

They accept payment through PayPal, PayPal Credit, MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and American Express.

Contact Walk-In Lab, LLC

Website: www.walkinlab.com
Social media: @walkinlab
Phone number: 1-800-539-6119

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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