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A vacation is supposed to be a getaway from our current selves. It is a period in our time where we let go of our worries and relax. Travelling and taking a vacation can sometimes be stressful when not planned adequately. A bad commute or a bad stay can easily falter our mood and turn one’s relaxing getaway into a nightmare, just waiting to an end.

Planning a good vacation

at a suitable budget can be stressful. It may require certain compromises. Quality is something that is often sought after, but even with expensive brands, quality requires a high expenditure. Without a large cash outflow, it is very tough to get the luxury one desires. What if there was a platform that could offer luxury at affordable prices?.

Bookvip is an American based company which provides luxurious vacations and cruises to various destinations across North America. But is it wise to use their services? Read reviews on this page to find out!

About BookVIP

Bookvip is a travel company that provides family and couple friendly vacation getaways. It is a licensed seller, providing trips to many of its affiliated resorts. The company has a user face of over 1 million. The company has a tie-up with various resorts. Instead of offering the base retail prices, it offers wholesale rates to its consumers. Once the consumer agrees to participate in a presentation from the resort, showcasing the resort’s facilities and benefits, they are given the wholesale rates. The resort schedules a time during the visit for its presentation which is mandatory to attend. The company has a goal to provide luxury getaways, top starred resorts and cruises at affordable prices.

Products and services BookVIP

Bookvip provides various categories by which consumers can choose their package. They offer deals by location, as well as deals by the week. The website offers a facility that allows the consumer to check other websites offering a similar deal thereby allowing consumers to have a platform for a cost comparison.
The steps to a booking involve selecting the location of choice, entering the check-in and check-out dates, finding resorts and cruises that are the most suitable. Bookvip offers services in both the English and Spanish language. After the completion of the booking, customers receive a confirmation letter on their email which contains the resort information and reservation department which offers booking assistance.

The customer service department accounts for the change in plans. The company offers additional stay based on availability. The consumers are provided with flexibility with regards to travel dates. Each resort allows up to 12 months after the date of purchase to select the dates of travel. The resort and tax fees typically range from $5 to $29 per night for one family. Each resort has a minimum of 6 to 12 month between travelling again to the same resort. The website discourages group travel. BookVip allows free cancellation and free rescheduling services.

Complaints, compliments and reviews Bookvip

A stress-free vacation is the best vacation. Any complaints or discomforts experienced are taken as feedback. The company welcomes all of its customers to provide them with feedback on their review page. Doing this would provide other people with the ability to determine their authenticity and motivate them to keep revisiting.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

Read independent reviews, complaints and experiences here. Be aware of where to make your purchase or rate a shop where you have made an (online) purchase yourself. This way everybody decides for themselves which shops are bad and good!

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