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There are a plethora of excuses why you should not save for retirement, and they all seem fantastic. You may have a couple of your own. You know you should, though. After retirement, you don't want to rely solely on Social Security income.

You don't want to be a financial burden on your kids. You can contribute to a tax-deferred retirement account to minimize your taxable income. Over time, the compound impact of investing in that account might provide you with a more comfortable and happy retirement. Managing your retirement funds is no longer a hassle. There is an onslaught of companies that offer these services

Do you need a company that can manage your retirement fund? If you answer in the affirmative, you may want to try the services of Blooom. Read unbiased Blooom reviews on, before patronizing them.

About Blooom

Blooom is a Robo-advisor that can help customers manage their retirement accounts. Blooom claims to make setting up their 401k easier with cheap costs and access to financial professionals. The purpose of this company, which was founded by three individuals in Leawood, Kansas, is to provide expert yet uncomplicated assistance to every American with their 401k accounts.

Typical investment firms prosper, in Blooom’s opinion, when their clients have a small number of investable assets (usually in the millions). However, people with smaller investment portfolios or none at all are left without access to professional investment services. Thus, the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) accounts are now supported by Blooom.

Around 90 million people in the United States have a 401(k) or equivalent retirement account. Blooom's founders discovered that of the 90 million people, around 80 million do not have access to or cannot afford financial assistance. This is what inspired the creators to launch Blooom, an alternative for everyone to obtain the help they need with their 401(k) funds.

Customers can follow Blooom’s social media activities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Customers can also reach out to Blooom via the Contact form on its webpage, from Monday – Friday, and from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.

Services offered by Blooom

When a customer creates a Blooom account, they must first fill out an onboarding form. It asks questions about their investment objectives, present age, retirement plans, risk tolerance, and more. They can also take an adviser questionnaire to answer more in-depth questions about their financial situation. It is believed that a client can have complete control over their investing accounts once they begin using blooom. They can exercise as much or as little control as they choose. There will be no need to create a new account or worry about transferring data.

When Blooom adjusts the customer 401(k) or another retirement plan, it follows a four-step procedure and employs its algorithm to keep the customer portfolio in good shape. About every 95 days, rebalancing is performed on an as-needed basis.

Compliments, complaints, and tips for Blooom

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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