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plays a vital role in the day-to-day activities of our lives. It is also important for kids to learn about money and finance from their childhood. Parents are the best Mentors for their Kids. They are in the ideal position to teach their children life’s most important skills like personal finance. Do you want to have a bank account for your kids so that they can practically learn about savings and finance? It is essential to see the review of other people before selecting any financial institution in this regard to make the best financial choice for your kids.

About FamZoo

FamZoo is a private family banking system that supports parents to train their children to earn, save, spend, and donate money wisely and safely in a friendly atmosphere. Parents can manage their kid's savings in either prepaid card accounts or IOU accounts.

FamZoo offers Prepaid card accounts hold real money that kids can spend directly (with parental supervision). Famzoo is a Prepaid card and a financial education for kids. FamZoo isn’t only a convenient prepaid card but it’s a hands-on financial education for kids of all ages, from preschool to college.

Product and Services of FamZoo

FamZoo offers prepaid cards and delivers financial education for kids. FamZoo opens an account where Kids can also sign in separately to access just their own accounts. FamZoo is designed specially to save busy families time and hassle when managing money. It teaches kids critical financial skills through hands-on experience.

There are several features of the FamZoo app which include, Parent's control accounts and money rules. kids can just see their own accounts with controlled access. Money is transferred from parent to child card and automates recurring transfers between family member cards. It sends alerts to parents and children about card activity and the remaining balance in time.

FamZoo also offers IOU accounts that track money held outside FamZoo by parents. They can also represent informal family loans. Few families use a combination of both prepaid and IOU accounts. Famzoo offered IOU accounts that can be utilized where Parents maintain visibility and control over all the accounts in the family through a shared online dashboard if kids are not trained enough to do transactions.

This app also teaches kids to withhold savings and donations before spending. Set savings goals, make savings projections, and track progress. It also makes kids learn to set, track, and achieve financial goals.

Complaints, Opinions, Customer reviews and Suggestions for FamZoo

Do you have the bank account of FamZoo for your kids? How is their financial service? Is it beneficial for children to learn about saving, earning, and using financial services? We will appreciate if you share your experience with us regarding the financial services of FamZoo. Your views will help other people to make any decision and help the company to redress the issues. Share your feedback and review with us.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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