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Do you want to increase your financial worth as you keep earning? If you want to build your wealth, you will need to invest your earned cash. However, investing also comes with its risks of losing the invested money, but the potential to gain it is higher than the loss. There are various advantages of investing, such as it will grow your money, you will attain your financial goals and you may also be able to start and expand on a business. Rocket Dollar is a platform that is solely meant for investing your savings. Before you resort to investing your money with Rocket Dollar, ensure you go through the previous customer reviews to know what other customers say about their investment services.

About Rocket Dollar

Founded on 16th February 2020 with Henry Yoshida as the Chief Executive Officer. He created Rocket Dollar to ensure people were not limited to their investment options when they retire. For that reason, Rocket Dollar provides people with a platform to invest in having funds upon retirement. Other members of Rocket Dollar are Rick Dudeis, the co-founder and the one in charge of CTO, Brooke Borden in VP and Strategy and Chris Plamisano in COO and CRO.

Products and Services of Rocket Dollar

Rocket Dollar has investment options to open a retirement account and invest retirement savings in any asset. They have two options of investing - either self-directed or solo. Under the self-directed option, the customer makes all the investment decisions in the retirement account. They will also not choose from a pre-set menu of mutual funds or be confined to one class of assets. Some of the assets for investing at Rocket Dollar are stocks and bonds. The solo option, individuals with self-employment income, can invest in it. Some of the partners of Rocket Dollar are EquityZen, River Financial, Chain Haven, Farmtogether, Erisx and Eckard Enterprises.

What is the Pricing Range for Rocket Dollar?

If you want to invest with Rocket Dollar, there are two pricing options available. They have core and gold options, each with its benefits. Under the core option, there is no minimum deposit when opening an account, an LLC to hold investments that are only applicable to ILR investors, online document storage, investment dashboard to track investments, email support, No cost cash transfers from the current custodian and a Fair Market Value reporting (IRA only). Under the gold option, the benefits that come with it include all the features on core and others like expedited service transfers, four free wire transfers per year, physical Rocket Dollar gold debit card, priority support, among others. Each option is billed every month.

What is the Refund Policy of Rocket Dollar?

If a customer decides to invest with Rocket Dollar and, at some point, they fail to attain the benefits as anticipated; they are free to request a return by emailing Rocket Dollar support. The return request should be made within 30 days of payment. Rocket Dollar will then refund the amount paid for account setup in full via the payment method initially used within 30 days.

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Do you know what an in-kind transfer is? Read the previous customer reviews of Rocket Dollar to more about in-kind transfer and other services offered by the investment platform.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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