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Divorce is one of the most unsettling journeys both emotionally and legally. But going to the right service might make it a little bearable! Completecase is one such service that aims to legally aid people filing for divorce. But should you really spend on their service? Continue reading to find out exactly how it can help you. Then, read the customer reviews to find out if it really helps you and is worth the investment.

About Completecase

Completecase is a divorce preparation service founded in 2000 by Randolph Finney based in Seattle, Washington. The team aims to provide affordable legal help and support to couples taking a divorce. People whose divorces are uncontested can prepare their divorce forms online. The service produces quality, state-specific divorce documents which are complete with simple directions on how to file the divorce in accordance with the applicable laws. Also, this concept is currently being patented by them with the US patent office. The site has a thorough disclaimer that reads is not a law firm and the communications are not covered by the attorney-client or work product privileges.

How it works

There are three steps to using their service. First, choose your state and sign up. Select the state where you and your spouse live. After this, you can create your login. The private account will then be accessible for the next 30 days. In this window, you are to answer their questions and tell them about your case. This window can be extended by paying a monthly fee. After completing the step, your forms would be ready for you to print or have the team mail them over to you. Minor modifications are allowed at no additional costs. You can then reprint the forms, sign the document and file them with the court using the instructions provided. In many cases, you can even file by mail or fax the documents with no need of ever appearing in the court.


Completecase is confident that the forms prepared by the team will be accepted by the local courts if used in accordance with the included instructions. Thus they run a 100% Court Acceptance Guarantee. Under this, they also issue a full refund if their forms run into a mistake that can not be fixed rendering the forms unacceptable by the court. Otherwise, they do not grant a refund if you have accessed their services. They have a 30-Day Refund Policy only if you have not accessed any of their services. They have divorce forms that are always up to date and well maintained. Their customer support team is available to help you through the process 24/7 by email, and during regular business hours by phone.

Complaints and compliments for Completecase

Do you believe Completecase can really help one to decrease legal costs associated with a divorce? If you have any reviews for the service, do leave your feedback describing your experience. You can also read customer reviews to judge their credibility. Customer experience says a lot!

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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